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OctaFx good broker for me, fast execution and good customer service. i think i will continue using this broker after testing with welcome bonus


OctaFx Representative
Dear traders!

We are glad to announce that OctaFX Champion Round 15 has been successfully finished. New 16th Round has started on July 1 and is gaining momentum! OctaFX Champion Demo Contest offers you a unique chance to test your trading skills and compete for the prizes!

Everyone can participate and the winners can withdraw their prizes or even use them for live trading.

OctaFX congratulates Round 15 winners!
Mr. Diego Reppie showed the best results. He gets 500 USD for his 1st place
Mr. Сheng Luo finished in 2nd place. He receives 300 USD
Ms. Maria Karpova took the 3rd place. One hundred USD goes to her live account
Another 100 USD receives Mr. Rinku Lath for coming last!
Well done! As usual, we publish short interviews with the winners. We hope you will find their experience helpful.

What is the key factor of your success? Why are you better than everyone else?

Mr. Diego Reppie: As traders, we are required to be patient and disciplined. Therefore, only trading opportunities with the highest probability are playable. (Selecting Trades)
Mr. Сheng Luo: I think my success, at present, is most likely based on my good luck, because I’ve just traded for less than half a year.
Ms. Maria Karpova: For me the key is persistence!
Mr. Rinku Lath: I am trading on a daily basis and watching the frequency & fluctuation of market very attentively. I know that every pair have its up and down twice to thrice a day & it helps to maintain the profit/loss level. I do not know if I am the better than others, as everyone tries to be better, but some get success and some fail.

Which is better, EA or manual trading?
Mr. Diego Reppie: Both have their own advantages and disadvantages
Mr. Сheng Luo: I normally trade manually.
Ms. Maria Karpova: I do not use EA and I trade only manually.
Mr. Rinku Lath: : Manual trading is better as per my opinion as it helps to generate more profits.

What trading tools are most preferred by you? Majors or exotic, and why?

Mr.Diego Reppie: Focus on Majors to maintain constant profit rather than divided attention maintaining too many pairs and lost focus.
Ms. Maria Karpova: I trade only EUR/USD.
Mr. Rinku Lath: USD/JPY & EUR/AUD as I think they have more swings & if you trade them, you can get more profit. Most prefer to trade majors but I like exotic because they are the most interesting pairs.

How long does it take to become a good trader?

Mr. Diego Reppie: A good trader knows the way to maintain discipline, to control emotions and uses money management.
Mr. Сheng Luo: From my point of view, to become an excellent trader, in the context of constant update oneself with new knowledge and trade experience, requires at least one year.
Mr. Rinku Lath: If anyone traded in shares than it becomes easy to learn currency. Also if you take chance to trade in Demo; it also helps to generate profit in real trading faster. However, you must use only 10% of the balance for any traded pair. It helps to gain maximum profit.
We appreciate their responses! We take this chance to remind you that Round 17 starts on July 29. Participate and win your share of the prize pool! winners_tw.jpg




octafx cuz I have experience
cuz I also can octafx real trading with a free $ 8 capital
octafx best broker for ever

thank you octafx
zhe feng


[langtitle=zh-CN]The 2 day of trading, can take 8 dollars profit today, really happy[/langtitle]

The 2 day of trading, can take 8 dollars profit today, really happy


OctaFx Representative
Dear clients!

We would like to congratulate you on the ending of Ramadan and inform you that during 6 - 11 August 2013, BCA, Mandiri and BNI banks will be closed with exception of ATM Transaction, SMS Banking & Internet Banking.

This may cause delays in processing your requests.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience that may be caused.


Hello everyone
I am very glad to chare my experiences in Octafx:
In the April 3 I opened a welcomeaccount to begin my
transaction and got 8$ bonus.Before I had a brief experience of trading,this time at first I open the customer interface and talk to their customer service staff about their concerns and got satisfactory answer,So I Decided to do a serious deal.I have a perfect start, My account reaches $ 30,In the next four months
I do not rush to profit,In this period I testing a variety of trading conditions and got satisfactory results,Of course, while my account funds are stable growth,So far,I think they are very professional and trustworthy service, trading platform is very stable ,By the way, my account has now reached $ 300

So,I hope you like me can have a wonderful experience,I am very happy to share trading tips here!!!