Octafx scam - Eat my profit 74000$+

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Recommending more bucket shops is not the way forward. If you don't know the business model of the brokerage you are trading with, STOP trading. It's that simple.

You don't have to let the gambling/greed impulse overwhelm you.
icmarkets, tickmill, swissquote bank are bucket shops for your opinion?


I was cheated by octafx, octafx eat my profit money 74000$+. I believe ForexPeaceArmy can help me in this case. I have all proofs with me. My account number 6058799.

On 25th March 2020 I made profit around 68000$+ on XAUUSD, I made a withdrawal request 3600$ and showed complete status, but after I made 55000$ Withdrawal request that 3600$ Request changed to pending status, than I ask to customer support they said some time it’s Take 3 days, I never get that 3600$ till date (I have trade history .html and .csv files contain this detail), the same day’s night I got whatsapp chat and call from Mr.tarun (IB) he talk nicely and congratulate me as “sir you made good profit” and explain about my gifts like android phone and ear pod etc... ( I have whatsapp chat history proof)

On 26th March 2020 I made profit on EURUSD than my account balance 74000$+, suddenly my account blocked, than they said investigation, arbitrage, TCD team, customer agreement.

On 9th April 2020. They just give back my deposit money around 600$ & After 2 weeks their XAUUSD chart runs on mt5. What this means?

Questions for octafx.com

1. You are using cysec license number for octafx.com but that license number only for octafx.eu. Why you are cheating traders while you are not regulated by cysec

2. Your so called arbitrage! Give evidence and prove my trade uses arbitrage strategy.

3. Your customer agreement p 4.8 said you can cancel only arbitrage orders. How you cancel all orders? Please prove with my trade history.

4. I come to know octafx.com is B-Book broker company (Mr. Tarun octafx IB confirms) Everything fine with your company until make profits, you are happy while clients lose their money because it’s come to your pocket directly, but while clients made profit you are not ready to give... but this time you need to give!

I ask ForexPeaceArmy admins and users to support and protect ordinary traders like me.

I am ready to produce all proofs from my side including trade history ( I download that before octafx delete )
I am Anoob from Kerala, India I have registered a case against Octafx can you support me ?
I am Anoob from Kerala, India I have registered a case against Octafx can you support me ?
Yah sure sir, i will support... my contact number +XXXXXXXX.

In my case I going step by step... first I follow up them by octafx live chat and mails... next come to social media Twitter... after that now ForexPeaceArmy.com... *my next step also same like you... will going to file a case in Indian courts... octafx makes things more complicated for them... they will going to lose their huge Volume Asian market... hope they will choose wise decision hereafter...

FPA Forums Team Note: Publicly posting contact information will result in many Recovery Room Scammers contacting you. They will offer to help, but really plan to steal more money from you.
Dear Ayisha Rajasekhar,

Your case is being currently reviewed. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Kind regards,
OctaFX Rep.
Hello Octafx rep. Just Remind you for your action with previous time passing history

March 25 - my profits on XAUUSD, cheating my 3600$ withdrawal after complete status.

March 26 - my profits on EURUSD, My account locked for trade and withdrawals. Also MT5 XAUUSD chart stopped due to my case.

March 27 to April 8 - trade investigation by TCD (your company works like stone or Bronze Age company)

April 8 - all my trades are deleted and my account come to 0$, while your company cutting my throat, Mr. Hiran (IB manager) giving me confidence words...

April 9 - I can’t access my personal area in octafx, my account blocked permanently with 600$, after 1 hour XAUUSD chat started running in Mt5... every octafx trader know this... March 26-April 9 No chat for XAUUSD due to my profits...

April 9 to April 15 - mail communions with Mr.sam TCD manager through support@octafx.com I ask him proof for arbitrage he never provided and stop replying...

april 17 - my Twitter message against octafx.

April 17 to may 7 - octafx reviewing my case... (Stone Age reviewing system)

may 7 - I come to ForexPeaceArmy.com for justice...
Now octafx rep. Come here and go to deep reviewing ocean... 3 days deep ocean...

dear octafx rep. Please don’t waste our golden time. ask your company’s higher management for quick decision.


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icmarkets, tickmill, swissquote bank are bucket shops for your opinion?

I will answer your question with a question: Have you fully evaluated their business model? (how the broker profits from their client's trading activity). The answer to your question is there.

I can also say based on experience that only a handful of brokers are agency model. Plus another less-than-handful implement hybrid model fairly.

The average retail (and even several institutional) traders do not have the tools to evaluate a broker to know the difference.

That is real reason why the FPA scam alerts folder is so active.
Dear ForexPeaceArmy admin and users,

Octafx representative didn’t respond from last Thursday (nearly one week)... There is no response for thi
@Administrator : dear admin, any action from your side regarding my post... I need justice... I need my money from octafx... can you contacted octafx rep.?, I hope ForexPeaceArmy.com can solve earlier...

@OctaFX Rep : what you are doing from last Thursday? Is this your responsibility?
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