First thing I see when I Google search this company is:
"OctavioTradeFX Scammed You ? - Get Your Money Back Now" advertised by some company called "Scamrecover" which goes on to inform:
"OctaviotradeFX is an online trading broker owned by Galore Pro and located at Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands MH96960.
It is also important to mention that this broker is: Unregulated, Blacklisted, Offshore. It seems like OctaviotradeFX is not a reliable broker and you should take that into consideration before investing."

The problem is that "Scamrecovery" has some very bad reviews by very unsatisfied & frustrated clients who, among others, posted:
"Big scam company and thiefs"
"I had money left at a bogus Forex broker who refused to send my withdrawal and I tried to recover it with these guys. They've charged me 100s of $ promising that I would get my funds back but those were just words. I got nada in return and ended up not only having lost the money to the scam broker but also lost more funds to these scam scam recoverers. Don't be tempted by their sweet talks, they are just a bunch of crooks preying on people in distress."
"They are a scam website, do to trust anything they say, I have been sweet talked into sending too much money. I can only thank chargeitbacks.com for helping me recover my funds from them."

Since "chargeitbacks.com" was mentioned, I had to check them out and read some reviews on them:
"chargeitbacks has a very low trust score. We scanned chargeitbacks.com for several indicators and we think the website may be a scam. Exercise extreme caution when using this website."

Bottom line is, to avoid being scammed in the first place and then having to go through hell-and-back to try to recover your scammed money, thoroughly check out the broker and/or service provider before parting with your hard earned money.