The Punisher

2nd Lieutenant
I have gone through one of the most hard time from last 4 months, I was working as company's partner to earn from commission, i signed up at their site almost 1 year back when their manage Alberto found my number through signup, he called me asked me if I want to work with him I accepted as he offered good benefits and he sent me another link to open an account so I signed up and then started working, didnt make much from commission maybe some 100 USD in an year, so i decided to stop as that was nothing, he called me after couples of months and told me that he has got my account better commission now and I will get really good amount, so I started again and this time commission was really good, I started making some hundreds thus started promoting them and stopped working with all other companies, but nightmare came when i tried to withdraw 4000 USD of my commission, company simply blocked my account and then he called me again asked me he will get me out of this, and asked me that company wants another 15 clients and they will pay me total amount as soon as i get them 15 clients, so I started working on it, it took me 3 months and 18 days to bring those clients and today they called me said he wont be paying me whatever I do, thus I am filing my case here, although having no hope but still will request admins to declare them scam, they get all positive reviews by paying, I know this because I was offered the same thing, and I hope if admins check all the recent reviews they will be positive but believe me all of those are fake.
The scam company used you to recruit new victims so they can steal more money and then also blocked you and stole your money? You need to start by contacting your bank and report fraud and then you need to file complaints with the Securities Commission in your country. What country are you from so we can further provide guidance.