Olympus markets are scammers


After responding to an ad online for bitcoin revolution, I was immediately contacted by Olympus Markets and told to deposit $250 which at first I was hesitant about, but after comforting assurance that I would receive an " account manager" who would manage and trade for me, I was put at ease and obliged. I was even more at ease when " Elmer Klein" the "account manager" contacted me the very next day. He was very reassuring and promised that my capital was safe as he would be trading for me, I was dumb to fall for it. On the 07/03/ 2019 he advised me to invest another $2000, which was risk free, I did and obviously I made profit, on the 12/03/2019 he told me to invest a further $4500, I was hesitant but he told me to trust him and to make a withdrawal of $250 as reassurance, it worked!, I received my withdrawal and made the deposit, but once again I made good profits, so all still seemed in order. Here's where my nightmare starts. He then tells me to make another investment, at this point I refuse and tell him I don't have anymore funds, this is when he starts getting annoyed I guess, and gets rude and agressive!. I then ask to withdraw all my funds which is now at $11 000, he refuses and says he has a solution to still make profit on that. However he continues to press me into making another investment, I still refuse and it all goes downhill from there. My account went from $15 000 to zero, he kept making huge trades, with big lot sizes, even I know this is not wise and told him to stop. My account eventually ran a loss through margin calls, and all I got was a sorry and "you win some, you lose some" this is NOT good enough for me!!!. That is not even where it ended, after the loss I expressed my dissatisfaction and was told he had a "solution". The "solution" ended was me being smeared off onto another "South African" colleague, who apparently only deals with South Africans, but you can guess, "Marc Evans" the colleague wanted me to invest more money in order to regain my initial investment!. Olympus Markets the company claims to be based in Bulgaria, but these men were calling from the UK, also they claim to be owned and operated by Next Trade Ltd, but the beneficiary is PRIMEcfds, who after research I have found seems to have been the name of Olympus Markets before, and are now disolved, who also were a scam company???, it raises many eyebrows!, also, I have found many people who were scammed by Olympus Markets in a similiar way. Can anyone please help, all I want is my capital investment back.
Thanks in advance
I had a look too, they look like scams for sure.


2nd Lieutenant
ah to bad paywall, anyway plenty on the web

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