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One Clicker Professional



I used a very useful programme called One Clicker a couple of years ago, it was lost when data was transferred to my new computer. It is very useful for quickly placing trades simultaneously with the stop loss and target price.

I have searched the internet to either buy the paid version or for the free version.

The One Clicker site is still there but not manned, attempts to email support fail and the downloads are corrupted. This was an exceedingly good product.

Does anyone know how the author or his support team can be contacted ?

Alternatively, does anyone know of another programme with similar facilities ?

Sorry if this is not the appropriate forum, I cannot find a way to post a new thread elsewhere.

Thank you,

Brian Lumb
If you run a whois on toolsfortradingforex.com, there's an email address that might put you in touch with the site owner.