One financial markets scam


Hello Every one Pls be careful from this broker because it is big and scam it's clients and ib partners
i started with them and worked with them IB and i got commission small amount 10027$ and they send it with out any issue but after i got commission 26367$ and here the issues started they played a game to not send it to me ,after a lot of calls and emails they sent to me an email that they received my withdrawal request and that they need my neteller ID to send to me my commission and i replied them with my neteller ID and they sent it to me to my neteller but after they revered the transfer from my neteller and i contacted them again and they told me that they will take my money to deposit it in another client account with a different name and different eamil with out my permission so this means that they stolen my money and refused to back it to me and used illegal ways against the clients money protection and against the regulations rules so they make a many mistakes
1- they sent to me my commission after they reversed it
2- they taken my money to deposit it in another client account
so be careful every one they can do this to all of us when any one receive his money so they will reverse and stole it again and again and they dont pay if any one made a big and huge profits , they want every one to loss only and if any one made big profits so they take many cheating ways to not send send the money to the clients and below every one will find the full story with screen shots in a PDF file and im asking forex peace army admin to help every one to know about tat they are a scam and give them the Red alert sign to this same broker which scammed a lot of clients before this time
so every one check the pdf file which attached in .ZIP file to know all the story and about how they cheat them partners and clients