HI, I am planing to start with one financial markets as this broker provide the many instrument in commodities, broker also provide MT4 platform and mostly this broker have small contract size. Small contract size mean a lot for me, it means I can diversify in multiple in multiple instrument with less funds.

I want to know if some one is already trading with one financial markets. I am not able to see any reviews of this broker after 2013. Please help me.


One Finicial Markets BIg SCAMMMMMMMMMM

My name is Maqsood Ahmad
i have opend account with one financial
, i bring many clients here too then i become ib there.
2 months my ib commission was not much so they wee giving commission ,
in September my ib commission was around 25k so they emailed me that we will not give commission ,
ur clients manipulate with our mt4, can anyone tell me that how can one person do this, are we supernatural,
they stopped my commission and not giving
also they eat my clients trades profit
they just remove profit from trades
i went to fca , i filed case there
fca replies we can not do anything
this is not under our regulation.
I have all relevant proves screen shots,statements,emails etc.
.Tell me guyz what can i do ? please help me