Online Forex SPAM Offer Launched Integerfx


Banned Spammer for IntegerFx. Also works for Gree

I would like to introduce you to a Forex Broker I have been using for over 2 years now

which is very strange, since the domain name was first registered on 2013-10-03.

They are called managed by Eglobal Forex Company in egypt, dubai, abu dhabi and several other European Countries.

Strange. IntegerFx only holds a simple NZ business license, first issued on 2014-05-20

Currently, they offer excellent bonus offers. They use MT4 Classic, MT4 Premium Account to trade and are very fast in processing trades.

Just like the claims of hundreds of other unregulated brokers.

For me, they rank among first 10. They hardly re quote and withdrawal is extremely fast through several payment options.

They have good spreads on pairs and excellent customer service.

You can trust my unbiased opinion, since I work at the India offices of IntegerFx and GreenVaultFx. I promise to care as much about your money as I do about being honest in my posts and about following simple rules against spamming.