opening class action against Reza Mokhtarian-capitaltrustmarkets


This is the obvious next chapter to add more teeth to the FPA fight against scammers.....i.e list of specialize International Law firms/individuals who will take on forex Traders cases to recover scammed money.

Hi again, in order to concentrate all information about our class action we are using personal mail, if any víctim want to know how we ar dicussing about which lawyer is the most apropiate please write me in
I see Reza and Maria are bailing from the property he once called home, and none other than his ex-wife is the sales person. and and shows the details. They want almost $3m for it, and I wonder how this impacts the lawsuits against them. Selling something they made by the proceeds of crime. Interesting times for these scam artists.
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Does Reza have much equity in that place or is most of the money going to pay off the mortgage? Will Reza's share be enough to hire a lawyer to keep him out of jail any longer???
Important information regarding Reza Mokhtarian/Oceannsky. The reason nothing has happened to him is that he is using mediation to solve his CTM/Capital Trust Markets clients issues of him closing their accounts down and emptying them. It's the perfect crime!! Tells his clients that he is broke and CTM/Capital Trust Markets is bankrupt and offers a nice guesture of 20 cents on the dollar and most clients take it as they are desperate or financially ruined. Leaving 80% in his pockets, mediation is not recorded or documented in an US/Canadian search areas of the law. We are petitioning a new law to have all mediation resolutions documented so a lawyer/judge or interested parties has the ability to understand whom they are dealing with. Please let anyone know that is dealing with issues regarding a claim or trying to sue CTM or Reza Mokhtarian to go ahead with a lawsuit as I would 100% guarantee he would want to solve it out of court so it's not registered. Please do not take any mediation offer that is presented to you, don't even discuss it. File the suit immediately with your lawyer and make sure you have all your documents ready. The more people that go this option, the judge will see a pattern and will not go lightly in these matters. Actually, here in the United States, this is considered Fraud, so anyone that's in the United States that has a case against Reza Mokhtarian or CTM/Capital Trust Markets, please do not hesitate to settle, apply for a class action lawsuit, try to gather up as many clients that have been defrauded as he is not allowed to have US clients, he would be extradited to serve trail for Fraud and Misappropriation of funds. Please forward this to as many people that you know that have been scammed by him.
About bloody time! Let's get this psychopath in prison before he commits more crimes.