Opteck.biz scammed me


i have been with Opteck for a long time .. mainly to try to recover. I have been in denial that this is another Binary Option scam, but I finally have to recognise it and cut my losses.
From the time when my account was reduced to just 20K, by trading with Josh Baker and Michael Cooper, I have been trying to withdraw. The first request to withdraw all the remaining sum was denied by Abe Excelrod, who then persuaded me to stay on to recover.

Ever since then, Opteck sent a lot of analyst to teach me to trade, but i just can't. Maybe I am stupid .. well stupid enough to "invest" a lot with them. I can't even trade properly ...and also since then from time to time I have tried to withdraw a small amount ,, and each time , I got a another new account manager ( included Brandon Wellington, David Thompson) to deny it and cancel the request . Each time I literally have to beg for withdrawal of my own money.

Eventually in March 2016 , one so-called Chief Financial Analyst,, Dylan Brookes, and account manager Adam Foster wanted to trade with me and crashed my account immediately. I made a lot of complaints and finally got offer for Rolling Risk Free trades for indefinite number of times by Matthew Jackbson (executive account manager), until I recover my account, when I threatened them that I will call them a scam broker. Yet, I had to deposit another 12K to get recovery trading started. Matthew Jackbson confirmed , unfortunately only via the telephone that this is not a One -time risk free and we will be trading 3 times a week, Tuesday to Thursday. Of course Matthew Jackbson didn't keep his promise of trading 2 times per week with them, but we traded and managed to recover 8K, bringing my account to 20K. Within this time, Matthew still trying to persuade me to deposit more, which I didn't. Guess that's why he didn't trade that much with me, ..lost interest ..

Then, Matthew Jackbson disappeared and i didn't get trades from him or Opteck for a while. Then suddenly a Matthew Morgan called me on 2nd August 2016, which I thought was the earlier Matthew Jackbson, misleading me. Matthew persuaded me to deposit another 5K, just for the NPF trading on 4th August, saying that we can't use the exsiting fund in my account. He even said that we can earn a lot on the new strategy for NFP and can immedaitely withdraw the win and the deposited 5K and also gave me 5K bonus, which I also told him I do not need the bonus, as I have no intention to trade so much. I was under the impression that I couldn't touch my existing account because that was the rolling risk free deal that I had.

Of course, the NFP trades didn't went that well, but breakeven. Then on 12 August, I requested for 5K withdraw and immediately was contacted by Matthew Morgan again ... asking me to trade with Jake Coleman ( Chief Analyst?) , with the new strategy. I literally had my hands tied to my body, when Jake Coleman initially told me that we will be trading a small percentage of my account .. but started to trade 1K, 4K , 2K trades within one session. When I hesitated to trade, he told me that i can't back out cos this is the series of trades he designed for that session. Can I do anything at that moment??? He traded with 100% of my account and all trades are lost.

Jake Coleman simply said :geesz, we lost the last 2 trades too, I will get the Recovery Department for you .. and he vanished. Matthew Morgan, then called and said " what did he do, i told him to explore 10% of your account".. He then offered me another 20K bonus, one time risk free and no rolling anymore, and that i had to deposit another 5K. These 2 are partners in crime, Matthew Morgan and Jake Coleman.

As to exactly why am i the one chosen by Opteck to be the scammed victim,, i am just gullible.
Their analysts are crooks,... all of them are. I know only have come to realise that I cannot recover anything from them at all for the fact that my withdrawal requests were denied again and again. and I was made to trade to crash my account twice. And the Customer Support can email me saying that I signed the T and C's and I have agreed to the risk involved in Binary Options. I defintely didn't agree to trade my account to 346 in a trading session with their experts / analyst and being denied the withdrawals many time. Well .. all i can do is to tell my story now and warned anyone gullible for this.