hey , i have been trading with opteck.com , has anyone trade it ?
i am not feeling safe there and i want to come to here .. but i have like 4000$ in my opteck.com account .. any idea or help if they will withdraw the money back for me or if they are scam and will never give my money bank ? thank you :)


Why people deal with brokers in Russia, Belize, Cyprus or any other place is beyond me? What are you looking for? Margin? Margin will kill you so you should be happy with 100:1 at that is high. 440:1, 300:1 and 1000:1 is a recipe for disaster and it will wipe you out big time. Any broker that offers money for you to come and play with them is a warning sign. Trust me.

Stick with brokers in the UK, Canada, USA or Australia.

Now, back to your question. Ask for a withdrawal of funds and pray that you get it. Their website lists a process. You most likely will not if they are a scam. If you lose $4000 then that is a lesson learned. Forget taking them to court. There are a lot of GREAT a broker out there where your money is secure and that is rule # 1. I did a quick check of their website and they claim to be in the UK but you should also check the FSA in the UK to see if that is true or not.

Good luck.


There's not a lot of point in asking if other people could withdraw funds. If you have a concern, then see if you can withdraw your funds.