Hello to all here.

I have been trading with optimarkets.com for 3 month.
I have deposit 700 us dollars and my account is now 5250 us dollars, but i have a big problem they optimarkets.com will not pay me my money when i ask for withdrawel.

I am so sad about this because it is hard work with 5 doller trades to make this kind of money, and i need the money so bad.

What can i do? will i ever see some of my money or not?
I deposit the money with my credit card from thailand and because i am a forigner living here in the Kingdom of Thailand my bank really dont understand my problem, language problems.

My first contact was with jennifer collins and a woman Sara they promise and promise but nothing happends.

I can still use the web site but the chat is closed for me, they never answer my mails or nothing.

They have closed every comunication with me and i am very angry with them. In the start i was so happy about the web site but some times they do someting when i place orders and i lose money.

I took the bonus in the start so i had to trade for alot of money before i could withdraw i have done that.

Please help me and others to stop this people.

Marc Grøndrup


I contacted econsumer.gov today i hope they will look at it i realy want my money.

i was thinking going there my self to Brithish virgin island, any one no where they have there office?

Master Yoda

They don't have an office there, all they have is just a virtual office and a "marketing" office where they run the whole operation which can be located anywhere