OptionBit affiliate commission problem !!


Hello guys.

Im an affliate promoting for Optionbit. This June I have made $1250, I was promised to be paid on 15th. But today, 17th, I got no payment. When I tried to contact support of Optionbit, they told they couldnt help with anything, its not their department. Moreover, I send emails to my affiliate manager and affiliate department of Optionbit, but no reply yet (more than 3 days) (I sent many emails).

Dear Optionbit affiliate program, I open this topic to make conversation with you, and with Optionbit. I hope you will have an answer for this issue.

Please pay the payment on time as you promised.

I hope to get the answer in next 24 hours.


Dear all the affiliate managers,

This is the report about his guy's activity from last month.
Please notice and try don't have contract with him. Thank you.

• Adv. wemercy27 (USD 250.00 CPA for min deposit of USD 250.00)
• Summary: 5 real and 1 demo;

All the accounts are related both by details (there are 2 common IPs) and by multiple patterns:
- outlook domains
- NT single deposits – the NT accounts are different;
- min TR volumes ;
- ID and POA already received in all the accounts – all clients sent the same Vietnamese internal ID and all the 5 IDS were edited on the same Photoshop program; However most probably the IDs are real.

Having in mind the 100% connection between all accounts, the very high conversion rate, the CPA deal and the min TR volumes so far it seems a 100% CPA abusive activity.
I would recommend that no CPA payments are processed to this one.


Sergeant Major
Hello miho.n

Going on the assumption that only the brokers employees would have the knowledge you have posted in your reply can I presume that you are connect to this broker :confused:

If so, and you believe a crime of fraud has been committed by this member/client, won't it be in your best interest to hand over all details to the proper authorities to investigate.

Other that simply come alone to this forum and enter this discussion with this
"He cheated us, so don't let him play with you" mind set of a spoiled child.

I'd love to hear more about, how this all came about :confused:

So the broker offered wemercy27 a one-time payment of $250 for every trader who signed up under him with a min $250 account, wemercy27 had 5 clients totaling $1,250. (So far this seems correct) :)

all clients sent the same Vietnamese internal ID and all the 5 IDS were edited on the same Photoshop program; However most probably the IDs are real.

1) If all clients sent the same Vietnamese internal ID, do you mean they carry/show the same 9 digit number or is each one have a different number.

If the answer to my question is a genuine "All same number" then I for one will favor your stance on withholding payment until this can be explained by wemercy27

If you reply different, then wemercy27 might just have something to write/complain about. ;)

Good luck


I dont understand what the hell is happening but I sent many emails to them and got no reply. Today I got one told me about this.

She gave me $250 per clients and I have a website to promote on. Thats all.

I saw I sent 5 clients and get the $1250.

Today they told me that abuse activity or wtf.

Miho, why you turn off your skype chat to my account ?