OptionBot 3.0 Scam

Ogrehen Svein


I have started trading with OptionBot 3.0 recently,
Everything started when I first tried to register on the website. Shortly After I received a call from a market annalist who promised me to offer his services since I didn't had enough experience in this market. Shortly after he convinced me to make a deposit of 1500 USD, This was happening in 4th of August 2016. So I made a deposit of 1500 USD, and then another person, James was his name, called me and said he was sent by the previous person who I talked, this time this James was meant to guide me through trading, and made me open a position on UGAS. He promised me that if the trade will fall I would at least be refunded a half of the trade, which statement gave me confidence in this James, worst mistake in my life, So in 6th of August the position was opened, and unlike how I established with James, the position had a bigger value that the one I had decided with James, So I have contacted James and told it was his mistake, but instead of refunding the position, he said that if I deposit more then my account will not lose the position and I will make even more profit. So I felt in his trap and deposited another 1500 USD. On 19 of August the position was closed on a huge minus, without my knowledge and my account was almost burned. Out of the 3000 USD i had deposited in only had 279.84 left, I kept called James but he never answered back, I tried contacting the support, but the only answer they were giving to me was that they will check and they will come to a solution, meanwhile I have submitted a withdraw request of 279.84 USD to gain back to my credit card at least what I had left.

Two months have passed, James didn't called, back, the refund of at least the half of the lost trade wasn't done as promised, nothing was done, even my withdraw wasn't submitted totally, out of the 279.84 USD I received only 156.34 USD, I tough this was a stupid Joke, but every time i was calling the support they said that its not their fault, it was banks fault, in the end they called back and said it was a misunderstanding and the remaining amount was deducted back to my credit card at least,

Is this how you people are making your clients happy, Do I look happy, false promises made by brokers was the first mistake, but playing with my remaining funds and lose their track, this is not ok either.

Guess the Binary Option Market is full of scammers, Do not invest funds on OptionBot , don't do my mistake, don't be stupid enough to be convinced by false promises
There are good people in trading, just not those trying to sell you bots who are paid by the broker to blow your accounts so they can get paid. Keith Waring a known scammer him and Michael Freeman work together to sell the MONEY CALIPHATE which teaches people how to scam newbies with binary options scam videos/reviews/websites. Michael is from Israel maybe you should report him to the Times of Israel so they can interview him on being the biggest affiliate scammer in binary options? I think that would make a good story :rolleyes: anyway there is now more and more videos on how they work with reviews and make fake videos online. Since Michael is in Israel will be easy for them to do an interview with him :D

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You should file with winchargeback which is reviewed on this site to get your money back. Optionsbot and these guys are all known for working with Israeli based brokers who lie to steal your money such as banc de binary who shut down because they know the police are coming for them soon! Maybe the police should go after the affiliate marketers who are selling these systems too! File a chargeback with your bank, you were scammed!