Private, 1st Class
Listen I'm not going to let you tell lies I do not use EAS promise instant executions I'm not pissed I never said I had the same execution problem with anyone I've been years in this and never had problems with anyone with the executions in the market core lquidity markets perfect executions solidary markets perfect executions, you do not, you lie, in the binary options the orders do not go to the market stop lying about low liquidity you blame the client, specific vps does not fail you never run plugin to pause a few seconds the oiperaciones stop lying you are pesimos and over come to the FPA to lie I did not say that UPAYcard was bad I said that they announced skrill neteller and many others comi method of deposit and that is not true
, that is called deceptive advertising, you are lying experts publish something that I did not say, I never had problems with anyone in executions only with you
What I did tell you is that they will last very little in this market and I hope that no one falls in your dreams, thank God there are honest people in this business you were just a test for me and of course I was angry they were robbing me face and lie with the executions, you are the old school binary options all of us who dedicate ourselves to this know them I will not give names to blame the client, but that nobody believes it, the excuses of the scammer as will have a virus, your Internet connection is not good, will have some problem with a program that prevents the correct execution. When you rebate and explain that you only have specific vps to operate forex or binary options from MT4 are quietly good time inventing new excuse and tell you that also happens in vps, that's a joke, what I told old school, stay away from this corridor, I did not think to write anything because it's not worth it, but reading his lie I could not contain.


I experienced regular price manipulation, price holding so your trade does not become a winning trade or price bumps against market direction so you lose a winning trade. In my opinion very arrogant way to steal your funds.