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is that a question, do check the forum for any posts regarding optionrally, and reviews as well. lets wait for mods and actual traders to shed light on this. i cant ad much, might as well check regulations platform and background or authenticity and best of luck .


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I think thread should be moved in another section as it doesn't contain any complaint just a general inquiry.

I would recommend to use search function and try to find any mentions about Optionrally here.

Ronnie Basant

Between 3 July and 9 August 2015 I invested $14050 with Optionrally. On 3/7 started with $250. On 9/7 got call from Bryant Smith about great earnings opportunity. He told me that there was no risk as first time investors are insured against any loss. I added another $7500. By 14/7 short term positions paid out well and long term was looking very profitable. I added an extra $1200 for more positions. On 21/7 Saul Goodman called to discuss my very profitable positions and we decided to add another $4000 to the balance of $8900 in my account without the outstanding positions at the time. He also added a $6500 bonus. By end July the outstanding positions reversed from profit to loss. On 3 August I tried to make a withdrawal of $5000 but immediately got a call from Timothy Harris who promised to reverse the losses by taking up new very promising positions due to situations created in the markets by world events. I cancelled the withdrawal and added a further $1100 in the hope of recovering my total investment. Time has proved me wrong.


With so much money in your account you can afford to pay 100$ / month for a signal service and don't listen to those beggars so called account manager. They are there to make us to lose money and make profit for their boss.
They are paid for that.
Next time they call, tell them you are in traffic and can't talk to phone.


Try to withdraw all of your money now. If they call back and beg you to put more in, tell them you need this money to close a huge deal which will let you put in $100,000 next month.


another typical fraud tactics, which they were trained for. Now they might come up with new reasons (VIP accounts etc,..) to deposit more (good profits and faster recovery etc,..) but absolutely don't deposit.

Raise cases wherever you can and initiate a charge back if used credit card.

Cheryl Farley

Agree with Ronnie. Optionrally is a SCAM SCAM SCAM.

The broker will tell you that all phone calls are recorded. LIE.
The broker will tell you that you can trade only with bonus money, not your own funds. LIE.
The broker will ignore all emails that you send confirming agreements.
The broker will send you LOSING signals, while claiming that his own account is winning.
The management will DENY anything wrong and reject any written evidence that you send.

AVOID this company at all costs. They lie and steal your money. The brokers have fake names to sound more English and respectable. Extremely dodgy. Just put down the phone when they call you. CySec have my files, but I don't expect any good conclusion.