Options Chaos a definite SCAM


I received an email ad for a binary options trading system today called Options Chaos, so I did what I always do when I'm interested in maybe buying this kind of service -- I researched it. And I came upon an informative write up about them at:


(spoiler alert: They're a scam).

Fortunately for me, someone else had already tested the Options Chaos waters, and the link below is where you can read the full write up on what he wrote about his experience.


The short version is that apparently, one of the major negatives is the mandatory requirement to use Global Trader 365 as the broker, and according to Binary Options Watch Dog,


Global Trader 365 is a scam broker, so it only follows that Options Chaos is a scam trading system.

There are also a few other unsettling reasons why you should steer clear of Options Chaos, like the fact that you have to buy their up-sell in order to get full use of the system, and the fact that their win rate is not the 70% plus that was promised. Plus, I've also read on other forums that their customer service is pretty much nonexistent.

I recommend avoiding both broker and trading system for the sake of your wallets.