Optionsmagnat is a Scam


Stay away, far away from Optionsmagnat. They are thieves. I had $605 on Deposit with them and tried several times to get my money out. They cancelled the try several times and then posted their own entry of $600 as successfully withdrawn via Credit Card. That was a month ago and every attempt I make to contact them about my money they hang up on me as soon as they hear the word withdrawal. I went through their sales route and got someone who listened but argued that according to them I received my money and that I had to prove to them that I didn't get the funds. I asked her to what account and amount was refunded/withdrawn. She said that I needed to provide that not her and that I needed to send support copies of all my statements from the date of the withdrawal to that day to show them that the withdrawal didn't process.

You can fool me once but twice I don't think so. I wasn't about to send my full statements to show them. They have an accounting department who should be able to track a transaction and tell me where it went and when. You see they never processed a payment/withdrawal and just wanted me to think they did. I have since disputed the funds and am letting my bank handle the withdrawal.

They are crooks! Stay clear of them.
Contact your credit card's issuing bank. Ask to speak to the fraud department. Show them the claimed withdrawal.
Send them your credit card statement and speak with fraud department as Pharaoh suggested.