Everyone is complaining about not being able to withdrawal any money out of Optionsmagnat. I have had $2000 in and tried to close my account down, due to an auto software dispute. Then they called me to make a deal. Kim Johnson, said if i kept a $1000 in to due my reviews on this company, she would release a $1000. She never did for over 8 weeks now. You can never get through by phone. they called me a couple times. Mrs Alvarez and Jim Henderson said the same thing. They still have my $2000 and won't release it no matter what i do. I email them everyday.This has been going on since March. We are marketers that are reviewing 9 binary companies.
Called them first to make sure not to get into a bonus trap. Then deposited $2000 through a software company affiliate.

What others are saying and the same thing is happening to me !!!

2 copies of others below:


I’ve been trying to get my withdrawal funds for 6 weeks.

Seriously regretting doing business with these idiots.

Smart People Shared This, Will You?


jAnonymous June 4, 2015
I believe that Options Magnat is a ‘SCAM’… I invested over $2500 with this company after being directed to their platform by George S thru his professional binary options autobot.. He’s all over the internet… When I tried to call Options Magnat on their phone line, I noticed that you get a recording which says that you are ” Caller #2 “, and that the estimated wait time is ‘2’ mins… Then after awhile the recording comes back on and says to you that your estimated wait time is ‘4’ mins… This goes on and on and your estimated wait time goes higher and higher until you finally give up trying to talk to someone.. When you write them, nobody ever responds to you… They’ll let you ‘invest’ your money, but I think that they ‘NEVER’ intend to give you any of your money back… I don’t know if it will do anything, but I’m getting in touch with the ‘FRAUD’ dept of VISA, and let them know so that maybe I can get my money back… I presently have $650 in my account there that I have attempted to ‘WITHDRAW’.. Good luck to you..
Also Scammed
I did have a deal with Kim Johnson, Eric Henderson and Mrs. Alvarez, over 8 weeks ago, however, it has not been honored yet.

I don't feel that it ever will.

May have to report them to the FCTC, CySEC, SEC and many other agencies, watchdog, blacklists and groups