OptionstarsGlobal / noxox capital LTD is a scam watch out !!


Since october 2016 I had a login at trading site Optionstarsglobal.com

They are part off : Novox Capital Ltd

they have more trading sites : www.optionbit.eu; www.optionstars.com; www.zoomtraderglobal.com; www.stxmarkets.com; www.novoxcapital.com; www.royalpip.com

They are all criminals !! They keep smooth talking you into depositing more and more money.

After registration people form their companies will contact you and will level with you, smooth talk with you

They will help you trade, give you strings of positive trades that are 100% winners, they will guide you trough
their trading site and place trades with you on different currencies indicies etc. with for example 10 euro's trades.. if you change the invested amount in a different amount like 11 euro's the trade will not be accepted.. IT IS FAKE!!

And than they say, look.. all positive trades, deposit more money and get rich.

There only purpose is to get as much real money on there platform as possible.. they will use different
sales techniques to accomplish that goal, they will have different people contact you with all exotic
functions like senior account manager, boss of the senior account manager, department boss, head of
sales, etc etc .. people IT IS ALL FAKE.. ALL the names the give you are NON existing.. no facebook
no instagram, no linked inn, no nothing..

So what now ?

In my case They have deleted my account with 790 euros on it without communication.
They are not responding to my emails. it is just GONE... just because I said no the 5th accountmanager
that tried to convince me to upgrade my account to gold level, bla bla bla.. fake fake fake...

But i have indeed lost my account balance.. the file a complain at sysec is the most difficult thing there is..
you have more change to apply for a mortgage without job than to file a complain against those...

If people read this and hopefully change there minds into investing with those criminals, my day is already
better :) I only want to inform people that it is really dangerous, they will play with you, withhold your
withdraws and more..

please be carefull !! if it is to good to be true, it is mostly not True !