Charles Dlamini

I have been trading with this broker for over 11 months now and besides having to be called to invest more all the time I have finally seen them for exactly who they are. Since the 25 of August I have been requesting to withdraw funds from my account to no avail. The broker that has been claiming to be my broker here a guy called Mike Baker or Jake Grove if those are even his real names, keeps on cancelling my withdrawal requests. This guy not only is he refusing me withdrawal he has lost me more than 80 percent of the account and on top of that he is currently trying to convince me to keep trading to make more.

I am sure it will make him happy for me to lose my money than to have me withdraw it. Is there any assistance I can get to have what is rightfully mine final released???
So a guy from this broker trade with your account and he lost 80% of your fund also cancelled any withdrawal request from your side? If it's as I say, you made a big mistake.
I totally agree, a big mistake. But the big question now is how do I get my funds out of there?? Their support team is mute no matter how many emails I send them.
Email all the addresses you can find for OptionsXO. Invite them to your thread in Scam Alerts to explain when you will get your money. Post an update when you've done that.

How and when did you deposit? Credit card?
Thanks Pharaoh , I have just sent them an invite . I deposited using a credit card im sure I can get proof of deposit from my bank, I'm on it.

They have cancelled my withdrawal request once again.
I would strongly advice fellow traders to stay away from this SCAM broker period. I cant be running around for my money when other traders are making profits on legit brokers.
Sad to hear you got nailed by the deadline.

If you like, you can escalate this via the FPA's Traders Court. This won't guarantee getting your money back, but will make sure your problem becomes known to many more traders.