I have MT4 account with OptionsXo / Omni Capital Ltd and was trading with them since Feb'2016, invested 100k USD and my current account balance is 2million USD, was able to withdraw 29k USD on 1st Sep'16 and since then company is not properly responding & NOT sending any money back. The only issue was I have lost profits made on 23rd Sep during FOMC and able to recover by 7th Oct where the account balance was around 344000 USD and credit was zero dollars, in the mean time I requested for a credit of 50k which was not added until I recover the whole account by myself, once account was recovered even though I said not credit is required forcibly credit 50k was added into my account and to wager i have to make a trading volume of 50000 * 100. Since then I have traded the account and wagered it by 300 times around 15000 lots were traded, all off sudden they have cancelled my account leverage without my consent and not responding. Even I told them in writing I will pay off the credit so I can withdraw money from my account but still no response yet!

The broker is calculating trading volume by multiplying lot size with leverage as I explained this is not correct since then company customer service is disconnecting my calls, legal, compliance & finance no one is responding. I have all the files to send separately when required and I am requesting FPA to take appropriate action on this issue.
I have all the information required to submit in court, also requesting you to please provide all possible options to take a legal action on OPTIONSXO!
Thanks for such a quick response from FPA hope things will move forward and everyone's help is much appreciated if you wish to keep posting your inputs too, thanks.
I have MT4 account with OptionsXo / Omni Capital Ltd and was trading with them since Feb'2016, invested 100k USD and my current account balance is 2million USD, was able to withdraw 29k USD

According the Paris criminal court Broker’s investigations, its called the “ 30 % scammer Rule “

It been highlighted most clients, victims were able to recover some 30% of their initial deposits, evidently to delay legal actions, complaints as to overshoot chargeback time frames.

As well, these chargeback time frames remain discussable, in most of these fraud’s, payment service provider firms involved are not even legal to provide services or show massive wrongdoing. Some victims Bank’s will act positively, others will drive their clients into the wall.

Trading Profits….humm…..according some press articles it’s all virtual Profits, sounds as some journalists are part of the scamming industry :(

Sure agree it requires legal actions ! :)
Thanks for your response...I will be reporting to all regulatory bodies, cyber crime & scam reporting websites very soon and decided to take a legal action on this company through traders court and all other possible options to claim & sue the company OPTIONSXO. please share your inputs anything you think that might be helpful.
The problem is OPTIONSXO added the credit into my account, then changed the leverage because they trying to scam/fraud me by increasing all the spreads & cancelling account leverage as the credit was fully wagered as per trading volumes, however they cheated me saying account is not wagered / fully liquidated.

So when I decided and said will pay back the credit OPTIONSXO stopped responding and not accepting / allowing me to pay off credit so they can keep me blocked from money withdrawal as my account balance is 2 million USD.

I have decided to take OPTIONSXO into the court as no point in paying off the credit as there is no guarantee they will send money back after paying anything to them.

Anyone being scammed by OPTIONSXO please join this thread and I am planning to go ahead with third party company who deals all these sort of cases by proceeding legally & you will get all your money 100% back. Advantage to you is we can share the costs involved to proceed with legal action.
Total investment was 100k, received 29k as withdrawal on 1st Sep, then unwanted credit added into my account on 7th Oct'16 and stopped responding since 17th Oct'16 where OPTIONSXO have cancelled the leverage and blocked the withdrawals. All the money was invested into MT4 forex trading account not the binary options. Thanks for everyone sharing the thoughts so far and looking forward to hear more inputs.
Please join the thread anyone being scammed by OPTIONSXO as we are in the process of legal proceedings and will get all your money too 100% back.
I'm amazed you got anything back. If you can't arrange a chargeback yourself, or if you deposited by bank wire, WinChargeback may be able to help.