ORBEX.COM not want to pay to me my profits

orbex.com not want to give me my profits of $681 to now
all I did ( a withdrawal request of my profits from my account 12394 )
and all amount gone from my balance on my orbex Mt4 account and I not get one cent on my bank account I withdrawalled to
please be aware dealing with orbex.com until I give you an update about my case
thank you

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Send the link to this thread to every address you can find for Orbex. Invite them to come here and explain why your withdrawals are not coming to your bank account.
credit card on 15/12/2016 and they requested some documents and I sent it and the amount added to my account balance
and I trade and I made some profits
and after my withdrawals request all problems beginning
Have a chat with the fraud and/or abuse department at your card's issuing bank. Explain how orbex is blocking your ability to withdraw. Ask about filing a chargeback.
what is happening with a companies and a brokers at this day

a lot of them not want to pay

a lot of them want to scam customers

if I lost I go .. if I made profits I not get it

what is happening at this days exactly

SCAM ..... SCAM ...... SCAM