order placed in admin platform and loss 4,00,000usd (www.evenforex.com)


Hello everyone !!!!

Here am facing a very big issue from evenforex.com broker. actually 1 month back i have 4 accounts in evenforex , with the total equity of 40,000 usd , after 15days i placed orders in manually and made it 4,00,000 usd . after that i withdrawal 75,000 usd from my trading account , on that day night 3.15 am my account was disabled and reconnect in 5.30am , that time my all 4 accounts was windup with zero balance., an i seen the account history , it placed big lots 75lots and order placed in gbp/nzd instant and close with big minus,, next day i went to evenforex office and ask abt this ,they said plz give me 2 days time it may placed by liquidity provider, i fight with them still now they argue only. and finally they said its not evenforex mistake , its a liquidity provider mistake,i hope FPA take action and resolve this , but i know its fully evenforex mistake , i have a proof. so i believe FPA to resolve this issue and make evenforex refund of 4,00,000usd.


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You have to visit them again warn them that its their mistake and you will go to Cyber Crime and report them if they will not solve your issue on proper way.
@FxMaster : no sir actually it waste of time... we commited for more than 50 clients... they are my investors.... i have to answer for them and have to pay monthly profit to him...
On my account disabled trade. As soon as I made a good start to trade my account 2100042552 blocked. And is not serious to block such a small income.
It's not fair!

I think that you should not waste time and trading in this broker. You do not get the money earned.
Yesterday I wrote a complaint that my account 2100042552 blocked, it remained open orders and I did not get the support of aid.
Today I have unblocked the account, so the previous review I need to correct. I was asked to withdraw the earned amount. Now I'm waiting for output. I'll let you know when withdraw.
My account is disabled again. (((((

The last time said that there were technical problems. This time, I worked for $ 600 and then there were technical problems?