package scam


there was this friends of mine whose been sending me gift for over a year now,the 1st one was when he was in malaysia he tried to send me package before he go back to UK,i didn't got the package they are asking me for payment.2nd was a package also this time is was send on Uk but then it was hold again in Malaysia,3rd was a bank transfer from UK but then it was hold again in Malaysia,asking to pay some amount so i did...i made the payment then last was just this Nov 4,a parcel was send to me from scotland then it was hold again in malaysia,asking me to pay $430.why is it always been hold in malaysia?for what reason?until my boyfriend got mad with me he think i didn't do anything about it..i try to call malaysian embassy they can't answer me,the want me to call the scotland embassy.but i was told by the immigration person to call the malaysian embassy.

Chaz McHan

I am very sorry to hear about your bad experience.

This site is about foreign currency markets and scams related to that. Unfortunately, there is nothing FPA can do.

Maybe... but not likely... there might be a member who happens to see this and can help you sort things out.


And let me guess. The package contains something very valuable. So valuable that multiple payments of hundreds of dollars would seem to be a good idea. There are also lots of little problems, each requiring some money to fix.

Guess what? There is no package. There never was a package. Your "friend" will happily accept your money until you die of old age. A real package would have been sent via the post office or delivery service long ago.

Cindy, you have been scammed. Report it to whatever agency handles internet fraud in the UK. Also, run a google search on "419 scam" for more info about how the whole concept works.