and / West valley consultancy Ltd ---- fraud.....


We came accross this so called fund manager and foxex trading company on myfxbook -- url ...They sell robo EA and do trading for there client on 50% sharing bases.

We spoke to James David ( not sure if its a real name or sudo ). few first meet were very convincing and he promised as to get good return on trading and told us to open account in any broker and deposit US $2500 . We opened the account PAXFOX ..and given hin username and password . He starting trading in our account. the trade when for profit was never close and than it when in loos .. see the screen shot below.

One time these trades were in 2000 profit but they were not closed .. this is total carelessness on foxex account. we could not close these trade because the They change the trader password and give you investor read only password.


We reached out to Mr James Davis ...on skype chat ( they dont provide phone number and email chat ) .. just email and chat first he give us scripted answer .. sorry for your losss.

Skypee chat reply from James Davis


While asking why dont you give us phone number this was the answer from James Davis.

James David skype : jamesdavis_fx
Email : :

But below trade were in 2300 profit and no one closed them... We told James David to issue the refund .. he said dont worry ..and told us to open up account with .
We asked why do we have to open up a new account . He said no other brokerage will allow us to deposit money to them . We told him send us money back and we will depoit that money. But he did not agree.

So we opened up a newforex broker account with . At the first glance this looks like a fraud broker.... ( acutally they are ) ... moving forward .. Pann man deposit the money and started trading . In week the account was doubled and we told them to refund out money .....and take there as well as we didn't want to contunue doing business with them as we were not comfortable.

His agreement was 50% profit sharing .. The account which was open was on my name ...when we asked for US2500 refund out of US 5450 in the account they .. withdrawn all the money.

We did not sign in LPOA with James David. We told him take your money and give our and close the case ...
The next thing was he closed our account at numberonefoxex..... for which he has no legal right to operate coz its not on his name .. Still he was able to withdraw money from broker account and close it with out our concent.

We would like to make everyone aware these people are fraud . don't get in to there trap for trade. All we ask for our money back from numberonefoxex and james davis broker account which belong to us was withdrawn $$5350 and the account was closed.

Mr James Davis in underground and no chat responses from him ....we sent them email and skype message.

Thanks a lot for sharing. I was thinking to invest with them... These scam reviews are our only defense against so many Forex crooks.
Thanks a lot for sharing. I was thinking to invest with them... These scam reviews are our only defense against so many Forex crooks.

Most welcome ..don't trust them they will take you money .....and loose it ..and also don't buy any product from them there EA is nothing but a piece of ****
Do you see the trap?

The new account is at NumberOneForex using an affiliate link. Even if that broker was perfect, this guy could trade 2 account in opposite directions. He'd generate commissions for himself as your IB, win or lose, and then could collect a share of the profits from the account which wins. Or, he could just trade like a drunken monkey and settle for the IB commissions as he churns accounts down to nothing.

If the account was in your name, NumberOneForex should not have been legally able to send the remaining balance to anyone but you.