"Retraits testés, reçus en moins de 24h."
"Tested returns, received at least in 24h.= Would you believe?
Who tested? Sylvain does not say it. Sylvain has not tested this himself. So I don't believe in this pandex.

Got some email from a bloke promoting pandex scam
Sylvain Vanderbecq,
some MLM about pandex, where it was claimed, that pandex has an investment package of
This trading and analysis group led by the top-trader Jason Smith is active on one of the three main US stock exchanges: NASDAQ specialising on the high-tech stock.
1 month: 35.88% 6 months: 202.4% 1 Year: 405.68% In total: 410.13%
Investment amount: from $ 1000 Term of the work: 40 Days
Amount in Management: $ 35610862 Investors: 31049
Average income: 1.56%


Etant membre de la liste de diffusion businessdunet, je vous laisse ici le certificat de la société Pandex que je viens de démarrer, et nous en attendons 1 encore plus important sur lequel figure leur capital de départ, 100 Millions de $, un peu exceptionnel ;-)

Exemples de gains sur PANDEX

4 packs au choix (100/500/1000/5000$)

Le pack de 100$ vous rapporte en moyenne 0.81%/jour pendant 25 jours.
Au bout des 25 jours PANDEX vous rembourse vos 100$.
0.81$ de gains par jour pendant 25 jours soit 20.25$ de bénéfices.

Le pack de 500$ vous rapporte en moyenne 1.27%/jour pendant 30 jours.
Au bout des 30 jours PANDEX vous rembourse vos 500$.
6.35$ de gains par jour pendant 30 jours soit 190.50$ de bénéfices.

Le pack de 1000$ vous rapporte en moyenne 1.56%/jour pendant 40 jours.
Au bout des 40 jours PANDEX vous rembourse vos 1000$.
15.6$ de gains par jour pendant 40 jours soit 624$ de bénéfices.

Le pack de 5000$ vous rapporte en moyenne 2%/jour pendant 50 jours.
Au bout des 50 jours PANDEX vous rembourse vos 5000$.
100$ de gains par jour pendant 50 jours soit 5000$ de bénéfices.

Sachez que PANDEX tourne sans problème depuis plus de 2 ans et impose ses actifs sur les marchés boursiers, marchés de commodités financiers les plus convaincants tels que le SGX, le LME, NYSE et le NASDAQ.

Processeurs: Adv Cash / Bitcoin / Perfect Money / Payeer / Ethereum / Litecoin

Retraits testés, reçus en moins de 24h.

Vous serez payé(e)s du lundi au vendredi.

I googled and found luckyly a review about this scam here:
Pandex Review: Run by Japanese Scammer – Dirty Scam
6.12.2017 - DirtyScam scrutinizes all the websites for information, prior to making any claim. With Pandex, I had a very interesting experience. As always, I tried to search for the founders of the company on and I did found few. However, these names left me even more suspicious about the activities of the
This allowed the company to reach the financial turnover of 3 billion 840 million USD between 2008-2009, which is why Pandex has confidently gained a seat among the biggest exchange players in the world.”

Of course, there’s no data or information to back this up at all.

Pandex says it’s being run by Marko Milosevic, and he’s said to be backed by Japanese billionaire Hiroshi Mikitani.

Hiroshi Mikitani is the Founder, CEO, and Chairman of Japan’s largest e-commerce platform — Rakuten. The man definitely has nothing to do with Pandex, and as such, the story being told is likely completely garbage.

According to current Alexa rankings, Europe is the largest source of traffic for Pandex.

With all of that said, it should be pretty obvious that there isn’t a legitimate bone in Pandex’s body.

The company’s claim that Japanese investors and throwing money into this operation are hilariously false, and along with this, the offer just doesn’t make sense.

Pandex is promoting an opportunity that allows anyone to invest money to earn ROIs as large as 42% with no proof of trading activity or anything, and this is never a good look.

With the only money coming into the company being that of affiliate investments, Pandex ends up being a Ponzi scheme.

Like all other Ponzi schemes, Pandex will collapse the second investment activity dies down. This will result in the anonymous admin(s) making off with the majority of what’s invested, whereas everyone else will be left to lose out.