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Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: It all started on 20.06.2017. I found a post on facebook, about an investment of Bill Gates. Throught link I have been redirected to reffeed Jason Clark (

I registered there and directly get a call from Johnathan Brown from
These guys are very aggressive on phone. First I rejected to pay deposit, but after he connected me with another guy Steve Lewis <>, I paid my deposit of 250 € (from my debit card).

In the same day I looked for more information about binarytilt and found out, that they are scammers.
So I immediately decided to try to get my money back. All this happened on 20.06.2017.

I started to reach them all necessary documents, to get my account verified. The problems started, after their heard, that I want to get my money back. They postponed all process of verifying. It took few weeks to get my account verified, to enable me to ask for withdrawal. (I didn´t get any bonus, I didn´t invest any €).

Anyway, on 06.07.2017 I finally have been able to proceed my withdrawal on my account officially. Binarytilt support team (I am not sure, if it´s only one person, but I already received answers from different names, but the same informed me about processing time 7-10 days.

After more than 2 months since I proceeded my withdrawal, still nothing happened yet. Since beginning of my requests, I am sending my emails on info@, support@, compliance@, and also to all other scammers from binarytilt every day, to get my money back, but since I proceeded withdrawal.
I get only answers like:
“Thanks for your email, well you withdraw request is still in process. will check with the finance department and get back to you with new updates”

The last email I received from binarytilt was on 06.09.2017.
On my binary tilt account is my withdrawal request still pending.
Attached my account at binarytilt.

In this time I already asked my bank to try to get my money back.
I contacted financial ombudsman in UK, so I am waiting for response.
I contacted action fraud police UK, so I am also waiting for response.

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by Rasty on 09/11/17

The company was first contacted about the issue on 06/19/17 the last contact was on 09/19/17

Details: Hi Rastislav,

Thanks for your email, well you withdraw request is still in process. will check with the fiance department and get back to you with new updates

We hope this response has sufficiently answered your questions. If not, please do not send another email. Instead, just reply to this email.

Best Regards,
BinaryTilt Support Department.

United Kingdom – London: +44 203 807 1553
United Kingdom – Manchester: +44 161 394 0459

Company representatives' emails: Steve Lewis <>
Johnathan Brown <>



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FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
Did you invite them to come and join the discussion in your Scam Alerts thread yet? If not, send them the link to that thread and ask them to come and join the discussion.

Please let me know.


I am sending them daily my emails with my invitation and link to join my thread, but they seems like to be not interessted in. They are not responding to my emails anymore.


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
I've just send an invitation to the company. Please post an update on Thursday or Friday to let me know if there has been any progress.


Update to my case with binarytilt:
They opened a ticket with my case in (see attached), but nothing happened and today they closed my ticket.
After I answered to them, why did they close my ticket, came a new opened ticket.


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FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
This is now going to Open Cases. Unless Binary Tilt bothers to take some action, the voting will begin next week.


Master Sergeant
You should not have waited for so long to ask your bank for a chargeback of your transaction.
If you have not informed the police that you had sent your documents, do it. They may use them for fraud.

Financial Ombudsman won't be able to help. The company is not regulated and they offer binary options which in the UK are considered as a betting instrument and are not regulated by FCA UK.
Anyway, corruption and incompetence in the UK are at extreme levels. As long as companies pay for regulation, there will be no effect on the industry!
Financial Ombudsman decisions are what we call "stupidity". This institution should not exist!

In other words, look for help from the police and your bank.


99% of the time any company with the word "Binary and Options" has proved without doubt, to me that it is a scam.
These so called company's set up their scam operations to get as many victims as possible and shut down when their name gets tarnished on web forums and reopen under another name and do it all over again.
Luckily you had not given them too much money, I hope you can get some of it back, and always do some due diligence before you ever invest in anything especially if it is online.


I agree with both of the above posts. Your best bet (as you have not traded with this account yet) is to make a chargeback with your bank - citing 'failure to provide service' as the reason. Enclose a copy of their email quoting 7-10 days for account balance return in your claim. I think you will find these scammers have a reputation of blatant theft of customers money. You must realise by now there is no such thing as easy money, you should have done a simple search for ' reviews' before committing any funds to an account with them, where you would have found a lot of very angry scammed customers!! Guilty!