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Problem Partially Resolved - Cititrader.com withdrawal issue

I am having an issue with a company


Private, 1st Class
Moderation Note: This thread will remain in Scam Alerts. It contains clear evidence that CitiTrader/Citrades employees altered the company's TOS and committed other unethical actions in order to try to steal a client's profits.

Allow me to Introduce myself,

I am a hard working university student here in New Zealand.

I invested 500 dollars into binary options with Cititrader.com,

basicly I got my balance to 9600usd and they refused withdrawl because I am only 19 and not 21.

I have dealt with many companies that let me withdraw over 10 infact!

I have suffered abuse from this broker and my account manager


broken promises let me explain:

I was told in black and white that at first I could withdraw my money after i traded 10k volume, my acount manager then told me it was actually 29k volume.

I then said well if I trade the 29k volume can I definately withdraw!

he said "you have my word I will honor the withdraw"

After I traded 29k with 9600 profit

I submit withdraw

after nearly 5 days of me hounding cititrader they say to me

we cannot honor withdraw because you are a minor

I am not a minor, I have dealt with many brokers and am an Adult,

I have transcripts of their horrible customer support and emails of these promises.

something else to note!

!!!!!!!!!!! I have been threatened that they will remove my profits if I dont stop asking for withdrawl

!!!!!!!!!!! I have been threatened that they will expose my personal details on the internet

!!!!!!!!!! I have been asked to sign some paper (which I did) . IF they are calling me a Minor then it is illegal to make a Minor sign something which is definitely ILLEGAL if they claim I am a minor and will not honor withdraw

!!!!!!!!! constantly told to "keep trading". In the end I found out it was actually only 20k (20x 1k(500 investment 500bonus) I needed to trade but my account manager made me trade 29k

!!!!!!!!!! I have been promised by them that they willl "HONOR" my withdraw from my account manager, This means it is a promise from Cititrader, By law doesnt that mean They have to pay me my hard earned money?

I am seriously going to launch many campaigns and also get lawyers involved,

Any help here would be appreciated, I will even give a Reward to anyone who Contributes to this Case


EDIT: A mutually beneficial settlement has been reached between Weini Winslow Fu and cititrader.com, and the offices of Cititrader.com have acted expeditiously, to honor this arangement and pay Weini Winslow Fu in full and final settlement


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The definition of "minor" varies from place to place. In most places, a 19 year old is eligible to make financial contracts.

It looks to me like CitiTrader is trying to change the rules on you. I just checked their website and they claim to require all people who trade with them to be 21 and above to not be considered to be minors. I then checked Google's cached version of their Terms page. On March 26th, those terms defined a minor as any under 18.

Grab a screenshot of this before it changes:

cititrader - Cititrader.com | binary options | CitiTrader

Once you have that, I recommend sending them a copy and requesting they send you all of your money immediately.
thank you so much paharoah I will see what i can do now


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just got an email saying:

"If you won't talk to me then unfortunately there will be no settlement. If I'm going to be extorted like this by you i at least want to expIain a few things to you. I will respond to your post on FPA today and trust me you will not like what you read.

Jason Scharf"

after I said to him I did not want to speak unless he was telling me the money would be coming
OK now he is saying that because i dont agree on comunicationg he wont pay me,

Seems I am getting nowhere with this Pharoah they still keep fighting.

I fully agree on comunicating

seems like these guys are throwing everything under the sun to not pay me
I am now in touch with Jason and expect to see something from him in this thread very soon.

Weiniwinslow, please wait and see if he posts here or not.
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Dear everyone,

my lawyer has talked to jason from Cititrader, He has no intention of paying because i have written "slander" about the company,

pathetic excuses.

find attached two threats from Cititrader

1. they will remove my account if I dont stop asking questions about the bonus (which I was lied to consistantly)

2. they will expose my personal details

I will be following this up but any backup would be apreciated

cant believe this company could do that to people like me.


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