My name is Eduardo Sierra, Im from Mexico Citye, I opened my account with on June 23 with 3000 USD

I´m going to try to make the story as short as posible, but this month has been a total nighmare with this site.

I started trading winning some position and losing some but mantaining my balance.

I received a call from a supposed bróker from this site named Franco Rivera, at 3 in the morning Mexico time, after i few calls I had to answer, I told him if he knew what was the time in Mexico, his answer was, do you know what is happening with the financial markets, I answer that at that time I didn´t care, so he called me stupid and told me I was going to lose all my money.

I wrote a few emails and I received an answer with an apology, he called me back a few day later to offer me his services that i was going to make a lot of money with him to give him an opportunity for a week but always telling me that in order for this to work, they need an additional deposit from me. I said if you are going to make me that much money why I have to deposit more, in less than 3 months with his promise I will have double my money, obviosuly I wasnt intereseted in making an additional deposit.

All of the analysis he sold me was with crude oil at one moment I was almost 2000 dollars down with a position in oil they never put a stop loss in the position, he got lucky and ended up making some money.

At the same time I traded my own positions and at the end of their week opportunity my balance was the same 3000.

I received call from this guy again that why I was making trades on my own the he had made me money, againg he ask for an additional deposit I said no, we exchanged a few emails and he said he didnt want me on his platform and closed my account.

After a few emails again he said it was a problem with the servers and i Access my account again, he apologized again, I continued trading and again I received a call from him that at the end of the day he wanted more money, I told him that we didnt have an understanding, that I was going to close my account and request for my money.

He said he didnt want me on his platform, again I made the request and I opened my account and they drained my position in less than 4 minutes buying and selling UWTI.

I called with no answers sent few emails that I was going to take legal action, and the first answer I received was that it was a virus in the system and they were working on it, I dont believe a Word his saying.

I really dont know what to do, do your recommend taking legal action? Is it posible to get my money back in this types of scams?

I have all the support of how they did the trade in less than four minutes to drain my account.

Thank you all for your time



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Hi there.
I just checked their website. It is mentioned that company is registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
As far as it concerns the Financial Authority, they give a clear warning as follow:

  • “The Financial Services Authority (the “Authority”) wishes to advise that it does not ‘Regulate, Monitor or Supervise” International Business Companies (IBCs) which engage in FOREX Trading or Brokerage. Statements of this nature are a misrepresentation of the Authority’s supervisory powers with respect to IBCs.

The Authority does not approve or sanction the business activities of IBCs upon their incorporation. The extent of supervision of IBCs goes no further than to ensure that IBCs comply with their obligations under the International Business Companies Act. The Authority also does not license the activity of FOREX Trading or Brokerage and any IBC purporting to be licensed by the Authority to conduct this business activity is making a false statement

Issued By:
Financial Services Authority
5th June, 2014

How did you make the payment to them?

I know that it is a bad time, but we would like to know, where you heard about them and how did you decide to use this broker?
This information might help others to avoid them.



Thank you for your answer, I friend of mine started in forex, so I joined the same site as he did, I know i should have done some research, unfortunatelly I didnt, and because Im new at this I liked their site and platform is kind of user friendly.


Contact the card's issuing bank. Ask to speak to the fraud or disputes department. Explain to them how the company deliberately wiped out your account while making of an unbelievable excuse. The only money-eating viruses at ForexBlvd are the employees. Ask about a chargeback.

If you haven't already done so, go ahead and leave a review here:


After a few emails exchanged with that I already started my process of a chargeback with my credit card, that I´ve already posted some comments regarding their site at and that they stoled all my account in less than 4 minutes,

They called me to tell me that I was going to get my money back if I deleted my comments on forex peace army.

I did what they asked but I think they are only making time so I could lose the chargeback.

Now I still beleive forexblvd is a total SCAM and I´ll like to thank forexpeacearmy for letting the world know.


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Forex Blvd contacted edsierra77. The told him he had to remove this thread in order to get paid. I temporarily moved it to a hidden folder. As I expected, a company which would engage in blackmail to hide facts was also dishonest enough to not send the promised payment.


Thank you for your help, I didnt received my payment as you mention, I bet that they where trying to make time, because Ive already started the process of a chargeback with my bank