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Pay attention about FBS

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by LeoT, Mar 28, 2018.

  1. LeoT

    LeoT Private, 1st Class

    Mar 2, 2015
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    hello everbody.
    Pay attention about FBS.
    There are some account manager who said to help you, but instead they cancel you account.
    The mother of my wife has an account with this broker. Her account number is 8513622.
    immediately somebody called her to said her the deposit was very little (1650 usd).
    So she decideed to make another deposit of 1000 usd, Total 2650 usd.
    The account manager said it is so so but it can start working.
    She started to gain very well. after two months she arrived 6100 usd
    I remember to said her to withdraw 2600 usd. She answered no.
    the trader called her to ask to paid him 25 % of gain and deposit 10.000 usd
    She answered the she knew nothing about 25%, but she will have paid as soon as possibile.
    About the deposit she answered to wait.
    the operations opend and negative was 2500 usd.
    she said that she had to close some operations and after she could pay.
    She said "don't worry i will pay you". this was two fridays ago.
    the following Monday the account manger opened 2.8 lots (GBP/CHF) agains trade.
    she lots in two hours 5000 usd.
    The account manager call to ask to deposit again 10.000 immediately
  2. FBS Official Rep

    FBS Official Rep FBS Representative

    Jan 18, 2016
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    Hello LeoT

    I am an Official FBS representative and I will be happy to help you. First and foremost I must state, that FBS representatives would NEVER demand payment from a client or demand to make a deposit.

    Here we need to get some clarification and understanding what and who you mean by "account manager". Please kindly explain why and how your mother in law stepped into this relationship with said account manager and how they came to this agreement of her owning them payment?

    Attention traders: Keep your account safe at all times! Official FBS representatives will never ask you for your account access details, will never ask you to make deposits and will never ask you for payment due to them. If this happens please make sure to contact FBS support as soon as possible with all details.

    @LeoT - please kindly reply as soon as possible to your claim.
    Thank you
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