Services Offered PayDo: Remote European IBAN opening for high-risk business


Hi guys!

We all know that forex trading has a reputation for being a high-risk business. Since many forex business owners provide their services without a license it casts a shadow over the entire industry.
It is difficult for this type of business to obtain a license due to the constantly tightening regulation by supervisory authorities.
But we at PayDo have a solution.

What do we offer?​

  • PayDo offers opening a merchant account for forex and crypto business in USD, EUR, GBP, and RUB for accepting card payments from individuals;
  • European IBAN account for non-European residents. Both personal IBAN and Shared one;
  • Dynamic currency conversion. Conversion takes place in real-time at the current rate of the issuing bank;
  • Remote opening of a bank account without unnecessary paper routine and visits to the bank;
And of course one of the most important struggles of high-risk businesses is money withdrawals.
PayDo provides withdrawals to a card of any bank in the world as well as mass withdrawals.

Payment security​

The security of transactions is ensured by modern anti-fraud systems, which practically reduce the number of chargebacks to zero. If the chargeback occurs - our specialists take responsibility for resolving disputes.

Our company is under the supervision of the FCA - the UK's international regulator. It means that the company's activities are completely transparent and partnering with us is safe and reliable.
For the participants of the forum, we are ready to discuss individual conditions.
Please contact us at or via PM.
We are always happy to hear from you.


Dear friends,

Good news ahead!

PayDo has announced a collaboration with an international payment provider and a payment aggregation platform, PayOp.
The results of this cooperation will be primarily aimed at increasing the efficiency and improving payment instruments, contributing to the development of the international payment infrastructure. Now PayOp users can withdraw funds to their PayDo wallet. It will help optimize the process of accepting and withdrawing funds for businesses worldwide without additional delays and commissions.

How to register a PayDo account:
  • Visit and click on the “Create an account” button;
  • Fill in the registration form, indicating the actual email, a password and select type of account. You can switch account types in your account after registration;
  • After registration you will be sent an activation email. The activation link will be valid for three days. To activate the account, please follow the link inside the mailbox or enter code manually;
  • Go through online verification and open up the world of limitless payments.
We would be happy to help, if you have any additional questions:

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