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Discuss PCMBrokers.com (Persepolis)

General discussions of a financial company
after broco in russia.....now PCM is in froud.inform your friend and all trader

other fraud broker is in dubai ( PERSPOLISE CAPTAL MANAGMENT) OWNER MEHDI DARISZADEH........he is iranian and eat all my money and 2 othre my friend money ....then i asked their regulated..they say PCM dont have right to lunch MT4 and forex market and they are not connect to market they are second bankurapt and fraud will be.I put file of them under here is other one have our problem?

see picture exacty.I will put every week .... they are pro hustler

SCA LETTER.pdf - 4shared.com - document sharing - download - ramin rostami


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they are PCM broker or perspolice capital بروکر پرسپولیس hustler and founder mr mehdi dariszadeh is unprofesinal and very poor and devoid ...he istead of solve problem he is hidden and dont answer client!! I never seen ever eve in russian unregulated broker ....

see letter exactly...they are near bankurapcy and will down in next 1-2 year and many froud case they have...


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