Pedro Marquez vs Titantrade

pedro marquez

Good afternoon

I did financial transactions, I was offered bonds, consultations and assistance, but never received anything. I made transactions on my own, but I lost money, now that I am applying for the return of my balance, do not answer me emails or the phone, I made the request for withdrawal from the 10th Sep-2015, but I have no answer, always means writing , a financial advisor contacted me, but so far nothing.
Thanks for all the help you can give me about it, so that these scammers, do not fill our money with.


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From your account, I see you used a credit card to deposit. Go ahead and call your credit card's issuing bank immediately. Ask to speak to someone in the fraud department. Explain that withdrawal is one of the services one is supposed to be getting from a broker. Show how the money is in your account, but cannot be withdrawn. Ask if you can file a chargeback based on the company's failure to provide a promised service.