Piphut are good

I have been following piphut (Mark's) signals for years now, although I no longer use his entry and exit levels, I still check his analysis to compare it to mine. Just like any trader he makes mistakes and unless you have taken each and every signal of his for reasonable amount of time, you can never judge how good or bad he is. I for one have not done so but can say just as I won I have lost with him but never kept record so dont know my win/loss ratio.

I have tried his Pro software as soon as it was out for about 6 months if I am not mistaken, its good for beginners who dont know about candlesticks and can be profitable almost every time if you were extremely patient since highly profitable candlesticks are rare and thats what his program does is it detects tradeable candlestciks and gives you the win/loss ratio among other things. He has updated his software but not enough to convince me to subscribe for it again. I have my own strategy that I am happy with so unless it adds to what I have got going at the moment I dont see a good reason. But its great for beginners.

FYI he has promised to share his trades live for a fee of course but nothing happened. Its been almost 2 years so you never know whether that will happen or not