I got it about a week ago and I think it has only made two trades under $10 profit each using about 2 minis.
Only trades USDCAD and kicks on in the evening hours (Sydney/Asian market).


The PipJet team has released an update this week, I'll be interested to try it out. Below is the full text of the mailing they sent out:

PipJet Robot Version Update - v1.01 Released

Almost double the number of profitable trades!

When we launched PipJet about three weeks ago, we went
to great lengths to explain why you'd want to join our team
and put your trust in our product.

We particularly wanted you to know that you'd have a
dedicated team behind you - that you'd never be left
fending for yourself, and that your interests would be our
number one priority.

Well, nothing has changed in that respect - we always
deliver on our promises!

Since launching PipJet a few weeks ago, we've looked at
how the system performs "in the wild" and our development
team has now had the chance to look specifically at how the
system performs across a wide range of brokers and across
many, many accounts at each brokerage.

The result of that research is an update that we KNOW will
enhance the performance of PipJet immensely. In fact, it
will almost DOUBLE the number of profitable trades made.

We've said this before and we'll say it again:

Building a Forex robot is not just about predicting exactly
how the market will behave over the long run. Market
conditions change, currency behavior changes and the
general trading environment changes.

That's why it's so important to issue updates to robots - so
that they're able to cope with these changes. And that's
what we'll CONTINUE to do when circumstances dictate.


You can download the new version of PipJet, which will
almost DOUBLE the number of profitable trades, by going


This update includes the following:

A. SecureProfit

The system has now been adapted for cases of "lower than
expected" volatility during market opening. In this event,
half of an open trade will be closed with 5 pips profit which
will result in substantial gains and decrease risk at the
same time, since only half of the original trade can
potentially end up negative from that point onward.

This addition to PipJet's trading logic also considerably
decreases the number of break-even trades.

B. ConsiderCommission

The robot will consider broker's commission as part of the
break-even calculation, thereby preventing trades from
closing with a zero gross profit but a net loss due to the

Our own testing has shown that this approach neither
worsens the trading results nor afects the precision of
trade closures.

** These two updates to PipJet's trading strategy will
secure you:

1) More trades, and

2) More profitable trades!

Get your new Pipjet version by going here:



A note regarding the current market conditions.

The past couple of weeks have been rich in events and
government data releases which has temporarily affected
the normal market volatility that PipJet was built to exploit.

This is VERY NORMAL and very transitional situation. In
other words, it's ging to happen from time to time, so
simply let the market regain the required volatility and
PipJet will then get back to its normal self.

Over the past 2 years, we've actually seen this happen a
few times. In fact, if you look at our 5 live account
statements, you'll notice periods of less frequent trading
and periods of higher frequency trading too - again, it's
perfectly normal.

Please remember, what matters most is:

1. The LONG TERM results of a robot
2. SAFE, LOW RISK trading, i.e. small, very infrequent losses
3. Adaptation to new market behavior

PipJet's been a star in all three of these KEY areas, and we
guarantee that it'll continue this way for a very long time.

It's VERY easy to create a robot that exploits a short-term
market condition (you've seen these robots – those that
place 20-50 trades per week and seem to be a trader's
dream... but then fall apart when the short-term market
conditions change!).

But, it's HARD to create a robot to will be consistent for
YEARS to come, and that trades steadily, profitably, and
with very small losses over a long period of time.

That's exactly what we offer our clients – steady, long-term
wealth building... no matter what market conditions are like
over the long run!

Look at your trading account deposit for what it is - your
HARD-EARNED money!.. and remember that the most
important thing in trading is protecting that deposit.

We've always been pro "safe trading", and that's what our
products are all about... SAFE and CONSISTENT gains, and
our first priority is taking your hard-earned money into

PipJet can generate high gains for traders using it because
it adheres to the most important rules of trading:

Rule #1: Protecting the trader's equity, and
Rule #2: Growing that equity as quickly as possible WITHOUT
ignoring rule #1!

We'd like to end this email by reminding you that we'll always
be in contact regarding PipJet's performance, important updates,
and to address any other issue to ensure that PipJet remains
profitable long into the future.

Please download your new PipJet version here:


Good trading,

The PipJet Team


The only good thing about POPJET is the release of versions so far the release of versions have overtaken trades
just recieved this email

Hey, Louis

We'd like to begin by telling you... NOTHING!

Actually, that's not quite true - we can tell you something...
...just not much.

Essentially, there's something very cool being finalized by
our development team that will **ONLY** be available to
PipJet owners.

We can't release any other details just yet but, what we
can tell you is that you'll be VERY glad to have a valid
PipJet license when we make the announcement shortly!

Now, back to business...

PipJet Robot Version Update - v1.02 Released

Although you should already have a message on your MT4
chart, we just wanted follow up with an email to let you
know that version 1.02 is now available and that you
should update as soon as you can.

You can download the new version of PipJet by going

Forex-Megadroid Members Area

This update includes the following changes:

1) the exit rules of strategy 1 have been updated - this has
been shown to increase the average trade profit

2) a lot-size rounding issue that affected some smaller
trading accounts has been fixed

3) SecureProfit now correctly respects minimum trade sizes

Good trading,

The PipJet Team

It seems that strategy 1 only had one problem if you were unlucky it drained your account

Can't understand why someone developing a product would say Quote (We'd like to begin by telling you... NOTHING!)
Sounds like we will take your money and discuss nothing

thanks FPA


I purchased Pipjet when it first come out it doesn't trade much and the profits are small
but so for it hasn't lost a dime

Jason XXX

Private, 1st Class
Fake FAKE!!! I call SCAM on PipJet and Megadroid! None of their online statements show the 50 pip stop loss from the 15! All 5 "live" statements show NO loss!! And a few show an increase in lot size to show that recovery mode kicked in, but the loss was removed from their statements!


image as proof!!

I call for investigation!! Statement manipulation!! scam.png