PipJet Megadroid statement manipulation

Jason XXX

Private, 1st Class
Megadroid has been manipulating their online "live" statements to show that their EA is performing better than it has. On the 15th of October the EA PipJet had a 50 pip stop loss. I had the stop on 1 live account with Alpari US Pro, and 1 demo account win FinFx. Several other forum members had the same loss. However all 5 "live" online statements from PipJet show no loss, and even show the winning trade that took place on the 17th. But the 50 pip stop loss on the 15th was removed. My proof for this is that the EA uses a feature call "recovery mode". If a loss takes place, the EA will double lot size until the loss is recovers. On 2 of their accounts the lot size for the trade on the 17th was increased, however no loss is present that would have activated the "recovery mode". This is proof that the statement is being manipulated and losses are being removed.
Could you please post a screenshot of your trade log and also of the "official" trade logs from PipJet? Let's see how the lot size of recovery trades compares.