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PipsMax Forex Managed Account Start From $500

Discussion in 'Services Offered' started by mondavie, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. mondavie

    mondavie Private

    Mar 30, 2010
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    Pipsmax Forex Managed Account
    We are experienced group of trader that offer a Forex Managed Account. Our objective is stable return with maintaining a low relative draw down again initial deposit. Our perfomance tells you that we made double return within 5 up to 6 month. With only start with $500 up to $2000 and more than $2000 up to no limit packages, investor with their own account able to join with this program with reasonable service charge that vary from 30-35% monthly profit.

    Our Program might suitable for you :

    1. Investor with a lack of knowledge in forex and have limited time to trade forex
    2. Want to have side income.
    3. Has been trading forex for along time but never get the profit.
    4. Long stable return from forex
    5. Never withdraw only deposit money to broker
    6. Losing money with joining a scam investing company
    7. Want to earn money from forex with only start with $500
    8. etc.

    Please see how is our real account has been running smoothly for the last 7 month


    For detailed please visit Forex Managed Account
    Please feel free to ask a question here

    Happy Pips
  2. mondavie

    mondavie Private

    Mar 30, 2010
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    Our Service

    Pipsmax Forex Managed Account www[dot]pipsmax[dot]com

    We Offer Forex Managed Account that divide into 2 groups :

    1. Account between $500 – $2000 sharing profit 65% for owner and 35% for manager
    2. Account between $2001 up to no limit sharing profit 70% for owner and 30% for manager

    example :
    Account with $5000 deposit, in the end of the month cycle become $6000
    Monthly gain $ 1000

    case 1
    Owner withdraw all profit
    Owner : 70% x $1000 = $700, manager : 30% x $1000 = $300
    Coming month watermark = $ 5000

    case 2
    Owner only withdraw monthly manager fee and reinvested the rest of the profit
    Owner reinvested all profit 70% x $ 1000 = $ 700
    Manager fee : 30% x $ 1000 = $ 300
    Coming month water mark : $ 5000 + $ 700 = $ 5700

    case 3
    Owner pay $ 300 Manager fee from his/her spare money without withdrawing profit.
    and let the profit compounding.
    Coming month watermark : $5000 + $1000 = $ 6000

    We will charge manager sharing profit on the 1st every month
    Profit only count after watermark surpasses.
    Manager sharing profit will be paid no later than the 5th every month.
    There will be one time administration fee $20 upon registration
    Please see Risk and Disclosure before deciding to invest
  3. mondavie

    mondavie Private

    Mar 30, 2010
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    One of The Best

    Running well with EA for more than 1 year, please see our live real account perfomance

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