PKG Global chinese is a scammer !!!! Watch out!!!

Thank you for all your assistance!! In fact, The pkg global owner, is Li Zheng Wu, and he has another scam companies, I found the article about it. so I am thinking to add it up, so that people wont be deceived no more.....what do you think?View attachment 67110View attachment 67111
The address listed for Dock Road has been used by hundreds of other scammers and is not an actual location where an office is located.
Also, follow the suggested steps above :)
Not yet resolved, the PKG kicked me out and they wont let me use my ID and password, it is completely locked, so my money 20000 dollars is left out at PKG company. How can I get in if they wont let me use my ID and password to get access my account....
The PKG Global owner, Li Zheng Wu has registered 3 other companies, OMG Is it officially permitted to make scammers like that easy for Chinese? I am just afraid of other japanese people will be deceived that easily as I was......Please Be Aware!!!! I have found the attachment below........OMG..................
Scammers usually run many companies so they can more broadly steal. And this is a group of individuals not one person although the Director is a higher ranking member of the scam organization. Did you file a complaint with the Japan FSA?

this group (MQL5) and this particular contact invites you to trade there


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Hundreds of scam brokers use the same address as the one listed by HND. If you look up this address, its a warehouse in London.