Please help me recover my funds from!


@Pepperstone Support aren't a ecn broker anymore, they would of been trading against you, they lost money so dont want to pay it back hoping you keep trading with them so they can just steal it back

they use fortex as there bridge provider, just do a AFCA report, ask for your trade reports to see how they where handled on the back end im sure there will be clear signs of them stealing from you and slipping positions/ ADDING LATENCY

or just pay him @Pepperstone Support
Thank you will ask for that. Already working on my AFCA report. Thank you

Pepperstone Support

Pepperstone Representative
Hello all,

I wanted to add a final reply to this thread.

We were concerned by the original post and immediately investigated our records to try and work out what had happened. We found that the communications provided are not consistent with email content that we send to our clients and we have no record of the emails. The misspelling of our business name as “” in some of the support email addresses referenced and the inconsistencies in some of the statements made in the thread further indicate that the messages have not come from Pepperstone and have been altered. This suggests a potential cybercrime issue which is very concerning and something we will be looking into. It’s also a timely reminder to everyone to check and confirm where correspondence comes from to make sure it’s not fraudulent. If in doubt, contact your broker directly to confirm if the correspondence has come from them.

We take our commitment to client service and our reputation as a responsible broker very seriously. We handle all client funds in accordance with ASIC's Client Money Rules, which our group CEO Tamas Szabo was instrumental in introducing into law to provide better protections to investors and the funds they deposit with ASIC-licensed brokers.

It's not appropriate for us to share specific information about a client’s trading account on this forum. What we can say is that the information provided in this thread doesn't reflect the transaction history that we have for the trading account in question, nor how we deal with clients generally.

Any suggestion of wrongdoing on our part is incorrect.



But I got ALL those emails from pepperstone! I sent emails that you have not replied to. What is going on??


@xremmy do you have the screenshots for the withdrawal of $4500?
So far you have not shown any evidence supporting that. The subsequent email correspondences, disputed or otherwise, was about the delay which could be withdrawal for anything. Furthermore account statements you provided currently also did not show the aforementioned withdrawal, albeit problematic as both parties claim foul play.

Hence my initial post:
@xremmy could you please post screenshots of the withdrawal request of $4,500 on Tue, 26 Nov 2019 that was sent to your email address automatically for confirmation. It should look something like this:
View attachment 50976
This I assume would be free from any override as it was automatic and hadn't been processed by pepperstone staff.