Plus 500 scam


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...That is correct, they are totally ignoring me ( as they use to do..)

In fact I was very surprised that they even respond at the begining..

But as the excuses that they gave were not very good or even real.. and as I always gave all the details, they run off of false arguments and instead of admit that they ave don wrong and try to reach a solution, they prefer to simply ignore...

Isn't it easier?.. :)

Anyway, now I'm back to point 0, and don't know what to do... Really Hope that FPA will take the case ahead..



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Please use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page. Plus500 is now in touch with the FPA via email and I want to get all sides together in a conversation.


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Ok, I have just followed your instructions, and use the "contact us link"...



Should I start plus500 then?

Thanks God that I've found this thread!
I'm just playing in demo mode and it looks like I might make some many by trading stuff.

But after reading this thread I'm suspicios that plus500 just want to make money on loosers and if you're winning they'll find an excuse to close your accout to stop decreasing their profits. Am I right? Can you post some updates on progress?


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As requested I'm here to update this case:

The update news are:......... nothing!

after several e-mils between me, plus500 and FPA, the conclusion was that My account will remain block as my money....

The reason for that was the fact that I have accepted the 2.000eur that plus500 have "proposed" to me... by accepting the money I loose myoportunity to receive the rest of my money, it works like an "agreement"...
But it wasn't an agreement at all, because at the moment of the proposition I had more than 10.000eur in my account, then they block my account, after a lot of complain from me, they propose a last payment of 2.000eur, I refuse, because it was a lot less than my account balance, but they said that this was the ONLY and FINAL offer that they can gave me..... so it was that or nothing....

My account was blocked, I can't even loggin, The comunication with plus500 was almost impossible, only automatic answers... I kind of panic and accept to receive the 2.000eur.... I did that because I can't see any other solution, and if I refuse again, I will get nothing...

But It appears that accepting the money was a mistake, and that nothing can be done now.. :(

Conclusion: I lost several months of hard work, more than 8.000eur, nothing can't be done... and in the point of view of plus500 I am the "bad Guy"....

So my advice to everyone who are dealing with plus500 or thinking of it, is: RUN AWAY!..... soon or later they will stole your money, as they have done to me... they are not honest at all....


Accepting an agreement that you didn't find acceptable wasn't the wisest thing to do.

On the other hand, I'm still waiting to see a full definition of scalping from Plus500. If a broker can't clearly define scalping, then trading with that broker is a very bad idea.


Yup and another one on the list to avoid completely.
I wish some of these brokers would realise that your customers are your bosses . They pay your wages .
Also that it takes years to develop a good reputation and about 5 mins to wreck it .
Plus 500 and another brokers take heed of this , behave in a proper business like way and you will not get your rep ruined.