Plus 500 scam

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Everyone who has been scammed by this company should unite and file a lawsuit against this company
I lost $140,000 due to their fraud , I keep clicking on close a trade but the app kept rejecting it and within seconds the balance went to $0 it just did not close the order
I’m 100% certain there is a glitch with their app or the company is a total fraud
Hiring an international law firm
To sue them
Anyone who has gone through the same plz contact me so we can unite and sue these MF
My number is 0433780800 (Australia dual +61) if you are overseas


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Did you record your trading session (bandicam and/or thundersoft screen recorders)?

If not, you may still be able to use your journal logs to say that the losses would not have been as significant if you could exit your position.

--> invite the broker in 96 hours to this thread.

--> write a review

But I bet they will say that "market conditions" delayed the closing of the order. They love ambiguity.


The old saying: you lay down with dogs, you will catch fleas. Trading with a bucket shop (regardless of their regulatory status) will only end in heartache.

If after a week or two they have not responded, you can initiate a proceeding with the regulator.

--> File a complaint with afca

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