POLL: How do you want your FPA Signals

For the FPA's Trading Signals, which do you prefer?

  • One email per day with a list of all news events

    Votes: 44 55.7%
  • Few emails per day (1 for each news event)

    Votes: 35 44.3%

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FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
A month ago, Felix added some great new items to the FPA's Signals. These are the news event descriptions and his own after-spike trading strategies. Felix made another change. He started sending out signals for each news event instead of a single daily mailing.

Reaction has been mixed. Some FPA members like getting specific event reminders 24 hours before news events. Others complained that there are too many emails.

Here are the options. The format of signals will stay the same, meaning that there will be dedicated post to each individual news event. However, if you prefer, instead of sending an email before each event, we will combine all the links in one daily email.

For example, if in one day, there are three news reports coming out at 4:30 am, 8:30 am, and 19:30 pm, instead of getting 3 emails 24 hours prior to each report, you can get one email with three links in it.

So if you prefer the new format with only one email, which will combine all news reports for that day, vote in option#1. If you prefer the format to stay the same, where you get a separate email for each report (so few emails per day), then vote in option#2.

There's no better example of democracy than Forex, right?
How many of us are deciding (through our trades->votes) how much are we willing to pay or ask for certain currency? It's all of us (on earth) who decide the price of each pair aren't we? Pure DEMOCRACY.

I like this kind of democracy exercises.




Because of my job, I rarely manage to trade signals. The opportunity to view the hours of the tradable news directly in the email is important to me, 'cause it lets me immediately understand if the hour is compatible with my time schedule of the day.

So I voted for the new format.

Thank you again FPA!



Felix you make agreat job

But in forexpeacearmy web the unique problem i see is they are not update on the time on the forex economic calendar so must click every time to refresh the web to become on the reliested time the number to see what to doing
in this few second you lost a great change and lots of pips

please make the arangement to give the automaticale the time so must not refresh the web anytime
that the only issue to resolve DEAR FELIX

i make lots of pip whit the news thank you

Bill Dawson

One email per day prefered for me!!!

Hi felix, I would prefer one email daily, due to my work situation, I can plan a "kasper the ghost" timeout to get to my hidey-hole and turn on the lap-top. Just love the signals ....many thanks ....


Private, 1st Class
Hi Felix and all the fantastic Guys at FPA.

Both systems are excellent. I especially like the weekly prenotification mail as it gives a fantastic outlook for the whole week.

I voted to ensure taht I participate and do my own little bit asked of me.

The daily e mail seems to be favoured as it allows a person to plan beforehand. However, as I have said both systems are excellent in my view.




Good Morning from the UK,

I just wanted to thank the site, all the staff and particularly Felix for the superb work, information and support they give the members.
I lost quite a bit of money when Refco in Gibraltar went into "liquidation!!" and have tried many methods, courses etc to trade FX. Your news system is by far the best and the information and advice you provide is excellent.
I am more than happy to receive the e-mails in whatever format you find easiest. I feel very lucky that you send the signals and information out at all.

Many Thanks,



time zone

Thank you for your trade signal. You guys are doing a great job !

IMHO, 1 email/day combining every trade opp would be better since I could grasp a better overview of what gonna happen in the next 24hours. The problem is that I am in a different time zone so the time period of your "day" might be different from my "day" so in my case it is more suitable to receive seperated emails.

P/S : Could you pls set a time converter in the event page Felix? Cause Im having some problems with scheduling my trades (My timezone is different from my broker's platform & different from NY's)


For employees like me, for now, option one is the most favourable as it gives us a complete & quick view of events which in turn helps us plan ahead.

Thanks FPA.


Great Job Felix

Where else can you get such good information? I think whatever is convenient for Felix is great for me. He is doing all the work you know?
Keep up the good work.