PoltekFx - Resolved

We the members of the Scam Investigations Committee of the Forex Peace Army have deliberated on all the evidence available to us and have reached a conclusion. It is our opinion that...

On July 17th, 2008 and again on August 26th, 2008, we declared PoltekFx to be a scam. We placed the following conditions for those scam findings to be lifted.

1. All funds due to our member Amin EL-HAKIM as well as other traders be returned.

2. Removing any attacks on Amin from the web.

3. Apologizing to Amin and our investigator Ken for negotiating in bad faith

4. Repudiating any policy that encourages viewing profitable traders as cheaters.

Recently, Poltek was acquired by a new forex company, F-B-S.com. The new management there swiftly returned all remaining funds to Amin EL-HAKIM. Ken contacted FBS about the other issues and got a response that the prior customer service group's attitude did not meet their corporate standards. Tim, the manager who publicly attacked Amin in many forums, who declared profits to be a sign of cheating, and who negotiated in bad faith with the FPA has been fired along with the rest of the PoltekFx staff.

Since only Tim has access to the passwords required to remove the public attacks against Amin, we waive that requirement. We consider Tim's firing to be a more than sufficient form of apology. Further, FBS's representative officially declared that profits are not a sign of cheating and pledged to always negotiate in good faith with clients and the FPA.

We are satisfied that all of our requirements have been met sufficiently to remove the original scam findings and blacklisting from PoltekFx. We now know of no reason that they should be treated any differently than any other forex company. As with any other forex company, exercise your own due diligence before investing.

We wish to thank Nikita Kuleshin of FBS for his efforts in bringing these issues to a successful resolution. We thank Amin EL-HAKIM for continuing to doggedly pursue this matter over a span of many months. We thank our investigator Ken for taking time out of his weekend to push this matter through to final resolution.

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