Porter Finance is a scam


Since last October 2016 i try to close my account with Porter Finance not a big balance 360 euro
They told me they had technical difficulties and could not pay me back the way i deposited my account through Neteller. After sending my wire details over and over again and proof of address and ID .
nothing was wired . Even wrote them a email telling them i will report them to cyber crime etc didn't help .
I called over and over lots of times but when the conversation is getting difficult they hang up the phone one of them even called me a looser.
Of course in the process of waiting i didn't t trade that account , in that period they took 50,00 from that account for not trading it (dormant account). After complaining about that they told me it was my own fault and they will do that every month as long as i don t trade my account till there is nothing left. These ppl are really unbelievable, Pleasel stay away from this broker its been 5 months now i doubt if i will ever see my money by writing this i hope i can at least prevent ppl from getting trapped by their scams


They are the worst. Maybe they finance terrorism, I don't know. I lost two thousand dollars, then they send me back my original deposit amount, 500$ and say, "lucky you! We gave you back your money! Aren't you happy?" There was no explanation, no reason for them to return my initial deposit, nothing. Maybe they just felt guilty that they took my small amount and, since it wasn't THAT much, gave it back. These people are not honest and they do not reply to your contact request unless you say you will deposit more money.