PorterFinance Withdrawal Delay


At this point I'm another person who has withdrawals problems with PorterFinance.
This is what is happening.
On 23/02/2016 I opened an account with PorterFinance and deposit 230€ via Neteller.
On 28/04/2016 I made a withdrawal request of 75€ which was approved after more than 3 weeks.
On 26/02/2017 I made a withdrawal request (for all the money) of 224€. I did it because i saw a post on a forum with people complaining about PorterFinance and thats how I came to this site.
I wasnt that worried because the first time i did the withdrawal request they took amost a month to approve it but as I saw so many pople complaining I started to be anxious.
I immediately contacted the livechat who told me to send an email to "accounting@porterfinance.com" which I did immediately as well.
Another week has passed and nothing, so I contacted the livechat again and they told me the same thing they told the first time and I told them that i did it but had no answare. He told me that he would inform the finance department about my contact.
2 days later i sent onother email to accounting@porterfinance.com and still nothing. Today I contated the livechat again and it seems more a robot than a person, because he keeps giving me the same answers.
I know from other people that they are delaying the withdrawals and charging a dormant fee of 50€ and this is my problem as well.
Since my withdrawal is for all the money i cannot trade anymore because a cant have a lower balance that the amount a request for the withdrawal (in case of a loosing tarde), because they could cancel it and charge me 75€, but if i dont trade they will charge me a dormant fee of 50€ and my balance will be lower as well and on the top of the first 75€ they will charge more 50€ for the dormant fee.
Do you know what a mean?
I have to do something until friday or things will get more complicated, because i think they dont have intention of proceed with the withdrawal.
Thank you for letting me share my experience.
I hope you can give me some advice.

Kind regards



Whether you are in the US or not, I believe it's worth sending all the info you have on Porter Finance, especially anything about how money was moved to them, to the CFTC.