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Problem Possible Recovery Room Scam About A Company Claiming To Help Victims Of BinaryBook

I am having an issue with a company


Hi members of the "FPA",

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a man called "Jacob Morgan", not his real name for sure and he claimed I was owed money from "BinaryBook's" scam.

Now there is plenty of coverage on the net about this case and Mr Morgan stated I was owed about $6,000 in the form of "Bitcoin", which is odd to me, as I am sure all BO used "Fiat" currencies to trade or most.

The other matter Mr Morgan stated was the fact I got 5,920.00 Euros in compensation. Naturally I did not believe this and as stated above looked around on the net and there was a mention of some compensation, but never told how much to anyone that got scammed by the likes of "BinaryBook".

Mr Morgan claimed to be working for these people. vaxco.org

Now they are based in Sweden and the telephone number he called from had the Swedish international dialling code. However, there are ways around that naturally.

Another odd thing, he e-mailed me also, to try and make me believe he worked for that company above, but instead or dot org, it was dot io, which made more sense as I could tell it was a cheap office (loud music etc, just did not ring true about the whole setup), maybe from say Africa, but then I looked up io on Google and this is what they say:

io is a country-specific TLD for the British Indian Ocean Territory, but because it has become so popular and widely used among tech companies and startups,. io is unofficially considered a generic top-level domain and is considered by Google as such.

I also know that the site above is either fake or knows nothing about Mr Morgan as I contacted them and in the last 5 days now, had no reply saying either way about Mr Morgan.

Mr Morgan even showed me a website bitcity.cc and gave me login details and I can show a screenshot if needed, but it shows I have as stated above about $6000.00 in BTC & the 5,920.00 in Euros.

What I am supposed to do now is get myself verified and use these people for some really odd reason. changelly.com

Why would you use them, they can only exchange "Crypto" into "Crypto" I believe.

Mr Morgan also stated their company would take 5% of my total funds, which is always a red flag.

I am just asking members of the "FPA" has anyone been through this and if not can the "FPA" make a scam case and look into matters for me. Naturally if you require more information, I will be happy to assist on that matter.

Many thanks and all the best to you all.

Stephen Smith.


Got your message and fully understood.

Actually, I have just got off the phone from the so-called "Mr Jacob Morgan" and he was most upset as I sent him an e-mail stating he was a scammer late last night (21/09/22), but low and behold, he phones me up this morning around 8.00am (GMT) - (22/09/22) and tells me I have it all wrong about him and how upset he is.

He is now claiming, he will speak to his manager, as I stated I have no ID to get verified and he claims he will do all he can about helping me get my money. So, I will post an update on this when I can.

To answer what you asked for, simple answer is yes, but boy oh boy give this guy 10/10 for trying, just a bit too hard naturally.

Thanks to all at the "FPA" and update shall be on it way in due course.

Stephen Smith.
Hello members of the FPA,

The so called "Mr Jacob Morgan" is starting to get nasty, so I am fighting him, and his scam company back. I have been in talks with one of the Bit Coin Exchangers they claim they need, and they have blacklisted BitCity now and I shall be in talks with the others soon.

Please if this guy contacts you, he is trying to scam you, so take care. Make sure you have read my first post as that has more information on where this scammer is supposed to come from.

Thanks to all at the "FPA" and update shall be on it way in due course.

Stephen Smith.
Hello members of the FPA,

Ok this is my final update, just got off the phone and because I would not give any valid ID, they stated they could process my refund for $8,500.00 (upfront of course).......OMG, they stated I was owed $6000.00 in BTC & the 5,920.00 in Euros.

I just wanted to warn anyone that gets contact from these scammers, just put the phone down. I played with them to see how far they went and like all scammers, it got bad, please be warned my friends.

Thanks to all at the "FPA".

Stephen Smith.
I can also confirm that these guys are 100% scammers, I did stupidly verify with them giving my ID and paying to activate, I have reported to action fraud UK and my Bank etc so all should be ok,

However they are pretty relentless, they use fake names whom you cannot search, one hung up calling me a racist cu$T because I told them the IP address of Vacxo was set up in new deli. which it was.

they used Plus stocks who I traded with once against me, so at 1st was believable, then wanted me to pay £762 for the money to be sent to my account in the UK, I refused then they said they were going to give the money to charity as I wasnt taking it serious, so I asked which charity so i can congratulate them, (they stopped replying to me then) they use the same wording as each other across bitcity and vaxco, as they arnt quite clever enough to figure out that should be different, Good Day, Mark ! used on every message across platforms

basically, Bitcity.cc is Vaxco, and they are scammy little twats you can have fun with but don't trust a word they say

I had an Olivia Blueman, Mark Hoffman, Patrick Thomas and a George Wheller contact me

be safe out there people, there are some vile people looking to bleed you dry
Hello members of the FPA,

I just wanted to set some facts straight. To @felnards what @spartanman and myself are talking about is nothing about reading "Terms & Conditions".

It was all about that myself and @spartanman where both nearly conned out of money, which the company we both had a terrible experience with, namely Vaxco, and they tried to state we was owed money from in my case a scam binary options company, which I had used, but never was owed money. The scam was them asking for money to get us money back, which was never owed in the first place..............RIGHT !!!!!! However, they did get the "Binary Options" Broker correct, but that is just a case of they were down and out, so sell off the database to the likes of Vaxco and try your luck at a scam.

As @spartanman stated, he was told he was owed money from ABC company, when in truth he was owed nothing. As stated, I never gave any ID and I hope that @spartanman did not land himself into any trouble, should not have, but he has stated that he paid an activation fee, which I did not, so if you read this, can you explain more on that, so all of us know at "FPA" how far they went with you. I am only asking so others do not fall into this horrid trap.
So once again take heed guys and be safe and @spartanman, you can answer on this "Forum" or PM me, as if you require any help, I am here, just like all the members of the "FPA".

Thanks to all at the "FPA".

Stephen Smith.