Possible scam - www.bitroex.com

This is the new Nigeria Scam. It’s bigger and steal more money because these scammers invested in a lot of technologies and recruited lots of experts that know how the Forex and commodity markets work. They are very fluent when you talk to them in trading term. Very well trained.
You might see them a lot on dating sites because people are vulnerable when looking for a relationship, but they are popping up everywhere from fake trading classes to random messaging people.
I guess their network covers not only tinder but all possible dating apps and social medias. I was shocked to find out that they have a manual on how toscam people!
Based upon the many posts on FPA and feedback from victims, the scammers have infiltrated most dating websites, most social media platforms and chat apps. For example, there are many posts about victims being contacted initially through dating sites (Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, etc.) then lured to Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, etc. They have moles inside the US who open bank accounts for them with victims more recently reporting wiring money to US banks as the first step (East West Bank and Chase are very common). They have also moved to using Google Voice and other online phone numbers available in Asia. These are criminal organizations with elaborate schemes and not a single individual who setup shop overnight. Below are some articles to help understand how all this works noting that crypto is now the preferred scam. Why....because crypto is extremely difficult to track once the money is sent to an ewallet or exchange platform plus there is little to no regulation for crypto. Also it is very easy to take a crypto that someone invented with little to no traction, but it is real, and pretend to be an investment company for that crypto. It's virtually impossible to track down the real information. People should stick to known investment companies that have a long history and proven track records.