Possible scam?


still didn't understand how this melodrama ended? and what does tinder have do with forex forum? she told you about her hobby and then what? i can talk about football for hours.
you'd also force her send photo of certificates that she isn't sick and a video with relatives ))
storyteller ))
you made me laugh i haven't read such nonsense for a long time ))
want girl then tell her about it!!!


I don't know where you have seen the romance, there is no romance really.

Tinder is used to recruit potential victims. I met her on Tinder. There are a ton of Chinese girls on Tinder up for this scam. Most of them are men registered as females on Tinder. This one was really a girl, but in many cases it's just men.

Before, the girl tried to make me invest with her, but it didn't work. Then she claimed to have lost a lot of money, about 72k, and she asked me to cover her deposit. When I said no, she told me it wasn't true that she lost the money, and she was just testing me. She clearly is a scammer, but the scam didn't work out for her this time.

I have been suspicious since I matched her. As soon as she wrote forex for the first time I understood something wasn't good. I felt she was trying to scam me, that's why I started this thread. And I was right. Many others do fell victim of this scam, so it's important to report these scammers and these situations.

If you think this is a joke, then you better make your own research and find out how many people get scammed this way.



first of all, I'm not a trader, but I do work as executive so I can potentially be a target of a scam.

I live in a large European city, and recently I have seen many girls from China using Tinder Passport. I matched with a few. I have been in contact with two in particular.

The first one was legit. She didn't speak about trading at all, and when she has seen I wasn't really interested, she unmatched. Legit.

Another one, instead, claims to be from Taiwan and have a beauty salon. She asked me what I do for a living, and when I said, she asked me if I had shares in the company I work for, and if I make a lot of money. My answers are always generic because I'm a suspicious person and I do not like to take risks.

She immediately unmatched me on Tinder when we moved the conversation on WhatsApp, and she asked for a picture. She doesn't seem to speak with many people, at least on the number I have, because she has default settings on WhatsApp and I can see when she was connected the last time.

She send me some pictures when I asked. She asked me about my hobbies, and when I asked about her hobbies, she told me she does yoga and she is only interested in investment. When I asked which investments, she told me simply: "fx". She didn't add anything.

On the contrary we have spoken about travels. I asked her if she ever visited my city, and I said her she is welcome to visit. She replied: "At present, my family won't let me go abroad. I'll come to see you when my recent investment projects make more money." But once again, I didn't ask any question about these investments.

She instead invited me to her place in Taiwan. She asked me when I was planning to visit her and I told her in September. And I asked her if she could host me, if I could stay at her place. And she told me: "I'm sure I'll treat you when you come. I've made a lot of money in MT5 recently. Come on! I'll show you around.".

This is the first and only time she mentioned MT5. But once again, I didn't ask any question. Then, immediately after, she asked me: "Have you invested?". Which I didn't answer. I just said that money is not a problem because I have my own. Then she also told me we can go to China together for a few days.

I asked her to have a video call and she agreed. But she told me she can't really speak English. Then she told me she would tell me when we could have the video call later today, but then she didn't write me anymore, and it's now 1 AM in Taiwan, so I don't think this call is going to happen.

I looked up for her phone number on internet, and I found the number has the international prefix of Hong Kong, not Taiwan. So I asked her why, and so far she didn't answer, but she still didn't read the message.

I read about a huge scam in which a girl scammed a man, 54 years old, for $120k after he left his wife to be with her. It happened in Hong Kong. Might this be the same schema? Maybe she wants to invite me there, show me how she makes money on MT5, then convince me to invest?

I will keep you posted.
Also experienced this on Tinder, exact same set up.
It's pretty wild, I've only had the 1 so far - but we'll see!

I'm in the UK, Manchester if that changes anything.


This time the IP address is clean!
We got them, guys!

This scammer IP address is unprotected! They didn't used VPN!

here is the proof:

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And it is even from the guy/girl who scammed me!

scammer phone number: +85259838957


Date/Time2020-11-11 03:57:12
IP Address112.120.247.130
CountryHong Kong, Central
TimezoneAsia/Shanghai GMT+8
User TimeTue Nov 10 2020 23:56:26 GMT+0800 (中国标准时间)
Incognito/Private WindowNo
Ad BlockerNo
Screen Size1920 x 1080
Local IPd3931394-137e-4647-ae8a-b53ab91f4a79.local
GPUIntel(R) HD Graphics
BrowserChrome (86.0.4240.183)
Operating SystemWindows 7 x64
Touch ScreenNo
User AgentMozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/86.0.4240.183 Safari/537.36
Referring URLno referrer
Host Namen112120247130.netvigator.com
ISPHKT Limited

Now everything has to be done really quick!
Every victim has get in contact with HK law enforcement as soon as possible now!
You can report it here:


Now they can be identified from HK police!
Please leave your report reference number here later!

We got them!
Soon they will cry like little girls, when the police raids their scammer office!